Ragnarok X: Next Generation Beginner's Guide Level 33 to 37 - Kingdom Pass, Obtaining Equipment, Vending Machines, and more

Officially licensed by South Korean video game company Gravity Co., Ragnarok X: Next Generation is a new 3D mobile MMORPG which officially premiered last June 18, 2021 in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, following a successful closed beta test. It will be introducing new features and improvements to the original game's traditional play style and aims to usher in a new age of Ragnarok.

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There will be a lot of Ragnarok veterans returning to the scene and relive their blissful days in the land of Midgard once again. However, there will be new plot strands for them to uncover so they need to be ready to face the challenges. For new players, here are some pointers to get you started in Ragnarok X: Next Generation by teaching you the fundamental features you'll need to know and help you make your adventure throughout Midgard easier and more fun.

As you progress into the game, there will be more challenges along the way. In this beginner's guide, you will learn about the following features of the game: Second Job Advancement, Kingdom Pass, How to Pre-order, Vending Machines, Obtaining Equipment and Shop Finder. Let's get started!

Second Job Advancement​

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, each class will begin as a novice. You can progress to your first Job Class initially at level 10 as a Swordsman, Archer, or Mage once you've completed the fundamental prerequisites. After you reach job level 50, you can advance to the second class as a Knight, Hunter, or Wizard. Finally, after you achieve level 50 in the second job class, you can apply for a Transcended Second Class.


At this time, you should begin performing job quests in order to gain the new skills for your chosen class and unlock a new title as well. As a result, you should reserve your Odin's Blessing for these monsters in order to gain 5x the experience and help you level up more quickly.


Kingdom Pass Guide​

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the Kingdom Pass or Glory Pass is the season pass equivalent. It provides players with a variety of rewards that may be unlocked throughout the course of the season by completing certain tasks. The Kingdom Pass is the free version, and when players achieve a specific level, they will be able to access prizes. The Glory Pass, on the other hand, is more exclusive, requiring you to purchase it with Diamonds in order to obtain unique rewards like as gift packs, event outfits, and a mount.
  • Every Monday, there will be an EXP Chest available for players to claim.
  • Daily Quests can be refreshed two times to help players gain more EXP.
  • Pass priority: Taking pics of scenery and pets > Helping residents through the Mission Boards > Gathering, Mining, or Fishing > Equipment development type > Instance type.

How To Pre-Order​

The Exchange Center doesn't always have the item that you want. If this is the case, you can tap the item to view the order interface and pre-order to gain priority when the item is put up. When pre-ordering, you can choose a desired price and quantity, but you can't cancel it. The system will immediately terminate your pre-order if another player's pre-order pricing is higher than yours.


Once an item becomes available, pre-orders will take priority. Pre-orders will be available for only 48 hours. The remaining balance will be mailed to the player after the pre-order is completed or closed.


Vending Machines​

In order to use the Vending Machine which is located at Prontera Southwest, you must complete COC Missions to earn Gacha Coins which will then be used at the Vending Machine. First, head to Chamber of Commerce which is present in each city.


From there, the COC mission will be broken into three sections: Kafra, Cool Event, and Cat Hand, each of which will give various currencies. Kafra Coin for Headgear Vending Machine, Cool Event Coin for Equipment Vending Machine, Cat Hand Coin for Card Vending Machine.


These Gacha Coins can also be purchased at the Exchange Center through the Commemorative Coins & Events tab near the bottom.


Obtaining Equipment​

Since Equipment are essential to your adventure through Midgard, you must know how and where you can obtain them. There various ways you can get weapons and equipment.

1. The Exchange Center allows adventurers to purchase whatever weapon they want.


2. The Equipment Vending Machine may also be used to obtain weapons. Blue Equipment has a 35 percent draw rate as a bonus.


3. Equipment can also be obtained through Daily Instances.


Shop Finder​

If you want to find the material you want in stalls faster, go to the General Merchant and purchase a Shop Finder. You can use the Shop Finder to easily search for the items you want to either buy or sell.



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