Ragnarok X Next Generation Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Attack on Titan event crossover

June 18th, 2022, a significant milestone for this popular MMORPG. ROX will collaborate with the world-famous manga series Attack On Titan to commemorate the occasion, with plenty of exclusive prizes, accessories, and even an event-specific game mode on offer.


What is a player's Base Level?
They'll gain access to a limited-time War of Freedom game mode, in which two groups of players will take on the roles of the Survey Corps and the Titans, respectively. The Titan Camp will play Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, and Beast Titan, while the Survey Corps Camp will play five human characters. Using the weapons, strategy, and the abilities available to them, each side must fight to be the last ones standing, with the winning team receiving amazing rewards!

Players can expect special collaboration gear in the form of costumes, mounts, and pets, as with previous collaboration events. With the Levi Cleaning Face Covering and Levi Cleaning Bandana, players can take up the role of the mighty Captain Levi The Training Corps Uniform, Survey Corps Uniform, and 3D Maneuver Gear are all based on the character's distinctive appearance. Adventurers can ride the Cart Titan into combat or summon the Colossal Titan pet to accompany them on their journey.


The 1-year Anniversary update also introduces two new 2nd Classes, Monk and Crusader, in addition to the exciting new collaborative event. Players can apply for these second classes today by visiting the Anniversary Pre-Registration Page, with those who meet the pre-registration milestone receiving a Tome of Travers.

The Crusader is a branch of the Swordsman class line that embodies the sword and shield, storming into battle with powerful skills while using holy magic to protect their comrades. The Crusader can also advance to Paladin and then to the Imperial Guard.

The Monk is a master of both melee and ranged combat, equally capable of splitting the battlefield apart, breaking armies by delivering a single deadly blow against the strongest of the opponents. Acolytes who wish to walk a more "aggressive" path, the Monk is a master of both melee and ranged combat, equally capable of splitting the battlefield apart, breaking arm The Monk can also advance to Champion, and then to Shura.

Multi-Class: The Multi-Class function, which comes with the two new 2nd Classes, allows players to switch between other classes immediately while keeping their base level and job level from their original Class.


Players can visit the Anniversary Pre-Registration Page between June 3rd and June 20th, 2022, to register for the impending event and earn a commemorative "Poring's Party Hat" — allowing their in-game characters to partake in the celebration as well! By registering, they will be entered to win a variety of fantastic prizes, including a brand-new Huawei Nova 9 or Huawei MatePad 10.4!

In addition, the Pre-Registration Page contains a hidden Easter Egg that will award high-value Gift Packs to everyone who finds it.