Ragnarok X: Next Generation collaborates with Demon Slayer for a new crossover event, Two New Second Class has also been revealed

Ragnarok X: Next Generation announces a new collaboration with the popular anime, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Along with the collaboration, the announcement was also accompanied with the reveal of two new Second Class: Alchemist and Rogue that will be released in the game. Pre-register now and receive special in-game gifts.

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Featuring in the crossover event are Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira. There’ll be specially-designed, crossover-exclusive costumes that will also be released. The event period will start on December 18 to 31, 2022. Aside from costumes inspired by the anime characters that players can acquire, there’ll also be a 3D action card that players can use to summon one of the Demon Slayer characters to unleash their skills towards the enemies.

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Aside from the crossover event, the game’s last two remaining Second Class, Alchemist and Rogue, will also be released. These are the most-awaited alternate jobs of Alchemist and Rogue.

Alchemists are the Second Class of Merchant and they can progress to Creators. They have devoted their lives to the fusion of chemistry and biology. They can create various potions to sell or use as self-defense on the battlefield, but aside from that, they can also use these potions to gain buffs, throw it towards their enemies, or use it to support their teammates during combat by making chemical strikes.


Alchemists can also use advanced futuristic technology to transform their cart into a cannon. They have also unlocked the mysteries of genes and synthesized all kinds of artificial organisms, resulting in unparalleled evolutionary capabilities. They are essential partners in combat as they can evolve and make Alchemists stronger.


Rogue is the Assassins’ new Second Class and they can advance to Stalkers. As they excel in one-on-one combat, they are detached from the fight at the front but will strike down enemies from behind. They hide in shadows and lure enemies into places where teammates can’t protect them. Rogues can also remove enemy equipment and trap them in black holes. As they hide in the shadows, they will attack using Cold Arrows. Add to that, Rogues can copy other jobs’ skills.

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