Ragnarok X: Next Generation - Glast Heim update is now available, bringing new monsters and bosses to the game.

In a recent update for Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the awful halls of Glast Heim has finally been made available to players.


After great anticipation from long-time fans, publisher Nuverse is delighted to announce that the dreadful halls of Glast Heim is now available as part of an update for Ragnarok X: Next Generation. You can look forward to a slew of new bosses, monsters, story moments, and, most importantly, tons of sweet prizes in addition to an enhanced Base Lvl cap (Lvl 90).


Glast Heim has long been regarded as a legendary site in the kingdom of Midgard, as any fan of the Ragnarok franchise will recall with fondness. Throughout Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the bleak halls of this eerie metropolis have been completely realized in stunning 3D, bringing with them an entire slew of new NPCs, quest lines, and monsters!

The region will host as many as 5 bosses every day, with the new MVP Amon Ra and mini-bosses Dark Priest ready to challenge any player who dares to take on their wrath. Each boss will respawn twice a day, with one additional occurrence for players per day in addition. Along with these bosses, there are a slew of familiar enemies, including Injustice and Carat, as well as new ghostly adversaries.


The Glast Heim Update also includes Lv. 9 Life Skills, as well as an NPC for the new Stat Enchantment system, among other things. No matter if you're an ambitious glory-seeker looking to reach the new Level cap first, a hero-in-training in search of valuable power-ups, or a nostalgic franchise enthusiast eager to witness the new and improved (but still terrifying) Glast Heim, the next update to Ragnarok X: Next Generation is sure to have something special in store for you.


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