Ragnarok X: Next Generation GUIDE to become the ULTIMATE GARDENER/CRAFTER/SMELTER


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Nov 4, 2018
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WARNING: not for players with a short temper and there are times that you will need to sacrifice your sleep just to get some Herbs and Flowers.

1. Starting out was the easiest of them all, just Do your Main quest until you need to get the level 30 quest. Make sure Odins Blessing was all Consumed.
2. Do all Activities except the Guild Contribution. Heres the Explanation:
  • Fishing, COC missions (Cat), Instances, Equips Drops from Instances will give you COINS. sell them all to have crystals.
  • Tavern for Stamina Potions
  • Ox Quiz for free Exp and Zeny.
You will do this Everyday.

3.When everything are finished you need to Burn your Stamina and this is the Hardest of them All. Make sure you know the concept of Drizzle and being Hot on gardening areas, considering the availability of the flower or herb at that moment.
  • Level 1. Look for a flower that will yield you a 20 exp or if theres no available you can gather some RED HERB for 1 exp.
  • Level 2. Look for a flower that will yield a 20 exp or RED HERB or BLUE HERB for 1 exp.
  • Level 3. Look for a flower that gives 20 exp or look for RED,BLUE and YELLOW Herb for 1 exp.
and so on.

4. And if youre lucky all the coins and loots you sell on exchange are now Sold.. so here's the tricky part in leveling your SMELTING without Fishing or Mining.
  • you will start small, depends on your crystal until it will give you a headstart.
  • Look for Fishing and Mining Materials that are needed on the Smelting. Then SELL it again and REPEAT.
  • OR with the FLOWERS you got in Gardening and Mining materials from ExchAnge. Smelt it and SELL and REPEAT.
5. Sell all Crafted RED PVP pots to Players or your guildmates so that your ZENY will roll and Craft Again. This will level up your life skill CRAFTING.
  • in my case, i have not sell it because Im not yet level 35* thats the pre-requisite of Vending Skill of the Merchant.

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Aldrix Paradigm