Ragnarok X: Next Generation Is Launching Soon, Pre-Registrations Out Now

A new adventure awaits you in a familiar land as the latest game in the classic RO series, Ragnarok X: Next Generation launches tomorrow! Pre-registrations are now also available.


Ragnarok X: Next Generation, dubbed as ROX, is a 3D mobile MMORPG officially licensed by South Korean video game company Gravity Co., with the goal of accurately restoring the original game's traditional play style and content while simultaneously introducing new features and improvements. The game will be using the Unity 3D Engine, giving the world of Ragnarok a new degree of depth and complexity. This will usher in a new age of Ragnarok for players, as the IP evolves to meet the demands and expectations of today's gamers.


Nuverse announced that the game will officially premiere on June 18, 2021 in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, following a successful closed beta test that ended on May 8, 2021 and saw over 50,000 participants. Along with the localized in-game material which includes the narrative, voice-acting, and even a useful tutorial for Novices, the closed beta was well welcomed by gamers. Many were also surprised by the real-time message translation feature. The new Casual Classes System, which allows players to try their hand at a variety of activities, the Exchange Center, which replaces the in-game currency stores, and the new Wardrobe feature were also highlighted.

Players will start off as a novice adventurer, designing their own avatar to their liking, before choosing one of six jobs to choose their own route ahead: Swordsman, Thief, Archer, Mage, Acolyte, and Merchant. The game will gradually introduce players to the larger tale arc while introducing them to characters who will help them along the way. The players will discover about Ymir's Heart, how it has been fragmented, and how only people of Odin's bloodline can piece it back together in order to cleanse the land's evil aura.


Everything will take place in a combination of gameplay and generated cutscenes to completely immerse players in the upcoming story. While part of it will be recognizable to Ragnarok fans, there will be new plot strands for them to uncover so they need to be ready to face the challenges. For new players coming into the game, you will find that building your character in ROX will be relatively easy by following recommendations for your stat distributions and skill tree, with suggestions labeled properly so you may select the one that best matches your play style.


Players will be able to further explore the various in-game features through sub-quests which will gradually allow them to get familiarized with it. There will also be a number of these non-main story quests to help players become acquainted with the world and its people. Players will interact with overworld items and hunt normal creatures along the way. In this open environment, they will also meet other players who are on the same quest as them. Players will be able to build deeper ties with their favorite NPCs and enhance their engagement in Midgard since NPCs will have their own narratives.

Here are some key features via the game's page on Google Play Store
  • Adventure Together Once More
A 3D recreation of a huge world with a rich story
From the capital of Prontera to the small islands, Midgard is waiting for you to explore!
  • Adventure With Company
Join with like-minded partners to build your Guild
Enjoy more amazing dungeon events and adventure together

  • Train Your Job
The melee Knight, ranged Archer, or Mage with AOE attacks...
Develop classic Jobs with multiple paths in this new chapter

  • Create Your Own Memories
With all kinds of chat bubbles, stickers and emotes to meet your screenshot needs
Adjust angle freely and create warm memories any time!

  • Cool Mounts
A pink Poring or cute Alpaca? Or the Pepopeco everyone loves!
Travel through your adventure on your favorite mounts

  • Unlock Life Skills
Fishing, mining, gardening, cooking and smelting
Obtain materials and enhance skills with leisurely skills!


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is set to officially launch on June 18, 2021 with pre-registrations available on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. It is also available on the game's official website so check it out now and join everyone in exploring Midgard!


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