Ragnarok X: Next Generation Mage, Magician, Wizard and High Wizard Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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Guide for AFK Gameplay/Recommended Stats for AFK Gameplay/Leveling Skills for Mage/Magician, Wizard & High Wizard


The most important skills for mage / magician in afk grinding are Soul Strike, Fire Ball, Fire Wall, Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Heaven' Drive & Zen.
Soul strike, fire bolt, lightning bolt, cold bolt and heaven's drive are the single target that you may use to kill single monster without noticing the other monsters. Fire wall is good for defense, fireball is good for an AOE attack & zen is a passive skill that you wil help you to restore or regenerate mana.
When you go in afk grinding, use soul strike, firewall, fireball and zen these skills are faster to kill a monsters while regenerating your mana. It really depends on you if what gameplay do you want to or what gameplay is needed in situations.
Recommended Skill level:
  • Soull strike - 10/10
  • Fire ball - 10/10
  • Fire wall - 10/10
  • Zen - 10/10


In wizard, you will unlock more AOE skills such as storm gust, lord of vermilion and napalm beat. These skills are very useful and good for killing a group of monsters.

Afk grinding, use the combination of storm gust and lord of vermilion, followed by jupitel thunder, napalm beat, soul strike/bolts, fireball and firewall. It will give you nice combo and also you can kill the group of monsters in just seconds.

Recommended Skill level:
  • Storm gust - 5/10
  • Lord of vermilion - 5/10
  • Jupitel thunder - 5/10
  • Napalm beat - 5/10
  • Energy coat - 10/10


You will unlock more AOE skills such as meteor storm, earth spike, gravitational field and chain lightning. Meteor storm is good for earth attribute monsters, it will give you a massive damage while stunning the monsters by chance. Earth spike is good for wind attribute monsters, and gravitational field is also good for wind attribute monsters with stun by chance. Chain lightning is good for water attribute monsters.

Recommended Skill level:
  • Magic amplification - 10/10
  • Chain lightning - 10/10
  • Meteor storm - 10/10
the rest skill level, you can put in what bolts you may use in your grinding.

  • You must adjust the skill level, depending of what your vigor/haste do you have to get shorter skill cast/cd reduction, so that you can kill more monsters and you can gain loots & leveling up.
  • You must know the difference of attribute monsters to counter using of your bolts or other skill to give you an advantage to kill it faster.
  • In leveling skill, you need to use the AOE skill in group of monsters so that you will gain more experience after you kill it and also you will get some materials or if you are lucky to get cards of it.
  • In stats, you will put all points on intelligence if you are using two-handed staff while the other staff which is one-handed staff with shield, you need to put 80+ points on intelligence and some points on dexterity.
  • In afk gameplay, high wizard is the most fascinating class that can use for afk grind because of having an AOE skills and also have a defensive skills. So you can't die easily while you trying to afk.
Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Robert Bolaños


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Nov 4, 2018
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My Mage Guide, So just follow all the main quest. Until you manage to unlock the golden thief bug instance. After that proceed to grind monsters. JOB LEVEL > main level. This is because if you level too fast you are unable to grind for the cards you may want. You would also want to get your 2nd job fast to have more skills that can speed up your farming and be ready for pvp, gvg and mvp hunts. As such always go for high job xp mobs. For me will proceed card hunting after level 40. Early game cards you will outgrow them fast. But still you would want 2nd class fast for aoe farming.

There are also other ways to prevent your base level from climbing too fast. You can store coc quest til the very last day before you clear them in one shot. Board quest you must do. No choice. As they will give you odin for stamina. But urgent board quest does not give odin so you can consider skipping. Daily OX quiz you can also skip if you do not want to gain base level.

Even though there is xp bonus for multiple class. As a mage you should prefer afk grind with teammates who are priest and other mages. As most of the time you will be hunting for the same mobs for the card drops. And mage aoe kill very fast. Each mage should take one spawn point. Xp gain is across the same channel so dont have to worry and stack on each other. You should only start stacking if you keep dying. However, we would not be really threatened as most mobs are meelee and you would most likely have firewall skill to knock back meelee. In fact when playing in cbt and tw server, perhaps only skeleton archers are the main threat. Priest is mainly for the blessing and mana regen that can help optimize your dps further.

Hence do form a regular afk team. You do not want to wake up in the morning seeing all your teammates lying on the floor or standing at portal not attacking during the whole over night farming.

If you are looking for a regular team. You should start to keep a look out for guilds to be in. I am currently enlist into this guild. If you are keen to join us. You can perhaps add the guild leader Onion8888 in discord to express interest and find out more. There are also several veterans taiwan players who are there to share other strategy and guides.

These are the mobs you should go for
  • Level 22 taro to level 25
  • Level 25 Poison Spore (card or hit 31)
  • Level 31 caramel (card or hit 37)
  • Level 37 Martin (card or hit til 40)
  • Level 40 Mantis (3 card or hit til 46)
  • Level 46 Anaconda sasquash matyr soldier skeleton desert wolf
For skill set wise you just need soul strike, fire wall for your 1st job. 2nd job get all the aoes. As a mage you should exploit elemental weakness. So all aoe skills are good.

Feel free to use this a guide on which mobs to farm.

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Shaun Tan