Ragnarok X: Next Generation Pet System Update is now live in the SEA server

Nuverse is proud to announce that the most-awaited Pet System Update has now been added to the Southeast Asia server of Ragnarok X: Next Generation.


For this update, fun and unique events were designed to highlight the new system as well as the amazing rewards that will be given out. Adventuring with friends is fun but there’s something about having a loyal companion, be it animal or monster, to be with you at all times that gives a different type of joy.


In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, the pet will loyally follow their owners as well as become an active member for the battle strategies of each adventure. Each pet that is born has a specific talent that highlights their special passive traits. Resulting in pets having their own strengths that will be a great help and advantage in adventures that they will be tagging along.


To learn 6 active skills that your pet could use in a battle, you’ll have to use special props to raise the intimacy levels of your pet. The skills that each pet can learn are chosen randomly from a large pool of established skills wherein you might need to find the most ideal combination of skills that you will need. There’s also the Bond Level that works similarly to the Band Card system. In this update, players have 16 pets available for collection, 9 for catching and 6 to be evolved. Phreeoni will only be available through events.


To unlock the pet system, players need to attain the base level 60. After that, they’ll need to complete three guided quests, buy a slingshot, load it, and buy a Pet Encyclopedia. Also, as part of the Pet System Update, there will be two special events with their own unique rewards. The first event is Poring vs. Lunatic event wherein players will be divided into two factions to compete and earn Favor Points by completing daily quests. The other is Pet Adventures Event wherein players will either play Monopoly-style board game or hunt down monsters through “Odin’s Blessing” to earn “Activity”, which can be exchanged for prizes at the event’s Exchange Store.

There’s a lot of pets that you can choose from, pick the one that suits you best. “Unleash Your Pet, Unleash Your Power in Battle!”