Ragnarok X: Next Generation Priest Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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Equipment / Upgrade / Refine / Enchant / Ascend PRIEST GUIDE


Two-Handed Book: Full Support Build / Free to play
  • Shadow Equipment: effects are usually increases the amount of heal, duration of buff or heal, and decrease cooldown of skill.
  • Basic Attribute: Vigor/Haste – decrease skill cooldown time and casting time
One-Handed Staff + Shield: Survivability/Damage usually used by Whales / Sultans.
  • Shadow Equipment: increases skill damage, decrease skill cooldown.
  • Basic Attribute: M.Atk/M.Pen – increases your skill damage
One-Handed Mace + Shield: Tank/Support
  • - Shadow Equipment: increases mace related skill damage, increases buff effect especially Holy attribute related buff such.
  • - Basic Attribute: P.Atk/P.Def – weapon increases your physical attack damage while the shield increases your P.Def or M.Def it depends of what type of shield you cchose.
Note: Please choose your weapon wisely to avoid wasting mining materials.

  • White Equipment – you can gain white equipment from Instance Dungeon, Gatcha and Exchange.
    • Golden Thief Bug Dungeon – Level 25 equipment
    • Corsair Dungeon – Level 40 equipment
    • Osiris Dungeon – Level 50 equipment
    • Strouf Dungeon – Level 60 equipment
  • Blue Equipment – you can get blue equipment from Crafting, Gatcha and Exchange (no one selling early game so just craft or try your luck with gatcha).
  • Violet Equipment – you can get violet equipment from Crafting and Exchange (no one selling it also in early game like blue equipment so just craft)
  • Gold Equipment – you can get gold equipment from MVP, MINI and thru Auction.
Equipment Grade Recommendation:

Early Game: just get what you can, but if you will spend a bit money from the start I recommend to PRE-ORDER Valkyrie Coins and craft them as early as you can so you won’t waste refining materials.

As a High Priest I will recommend to use White Accessories (lvl 25 if you need Vigor/Haste), Blue Weapon and Violet Equipment (Valkyrie’s Set) but if you will spend money just play other classes (DPS) so that you can enjoy the game more.

Upgrading equipment is very important during opening because it will boost your stats so you can grind more efficiently. Focus on MINING and a bit of FISHING so you can ascend your equipment right ahead when you reach level 40.

Which item to upgrade?

I would recommend to focus on MAIN WEAPON (upgrade 60) then RINGS (upgrade 15) then choose between TALISMAN and ARMORS.

Note: You can inherit it from white to blue, blue to violet/gold

  • Refine can increase your stats a lot because it is percentage based.
  • Higher Refine lower success rate.
  • Safe refine is +4 and going +5 can break your equipment. You will need the same equipment and repair kit from grocery store to repair it. You can use blessing stones to prevent it from breaking.
Refining Stats vs Expenditure (Materials Needed)
  • Lowest Percentage to Highest Percentage
White – Blue – Violet & Gold

If I remembered correctly, +8 white = +6 blue = +4 violet/gold
  • Cheapest to Expensive
White – Blue – Violet & Gold

If I remembered correctly the number of Oredicons needed are as follows: 6pcs for White, 12pcs for Blue and 24pcs for Violet & Gold

As you can see we can survive just by using white gears but if you can, please try to rush Valkyrie’s Set Armor because the difference are quite big especially when your equipment refinement are +6 and above.

Note: You can inherit it only with the same equipment grade, white to white, blue to blue, violet/gold to violet/gold


Enchantment Level:
  • Level 1: 100% for first time
  • Level 2: 50% lvl 1 & 50% lvl 2
  • Level 3: 50% lvl 2 & 50% lvl 3
up to level 10.

Enchanments are different depending in which city you did it.
  • Prontera – Main attributes
  • Morroc – M.Atk, P.Atk, Penetration, Vigor
  • Weapon: use Morroc
  • Armor & Accessories: use Prontera

Ascending equipment is a feature where you can increase the tier of your equipment so that even though it’s low level equipment you can still use it in higher levels.

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Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Chris Ong