Ragnarok X: Next Generation Sniper AFK Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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So I've been trying different builds & equips for my sniper in these past weeks. First of all, I would say that this guide,(or I would say more on experience sharing) is for Archer/Hunter/Snipers only as I don't have enough experience using other classes. In this guide I will try to show you how efficiency is important during your AFK grinding using the said class, I am playing in TW Server for a while now. In my opinion, archers are very good in AFK Grinding/MVP hunting/Dungeon Instances as they have the best range, and it's an advantage only archers have. Okay, let's start!

1.) "Skill Build" - Skill build is essentially the most that makes difference during different gameplay/contents in the game. I have 3 types of skill build specially for Instances/MVP, AFK Grinding, & PVP/KVM.

1-a) First is, Instances/MVP skill build: in this build, my priority is the highest DPS possible for single target mobs. "DPS" stands for "Damage Per Second". (See images 1-5) As you can see I only use 2 active skills & those 2 buffs because that's all that matters when you are fighting against single-target only. I also use this build when I'm AFK grinding on high hp/def mobs such as those Large mobs that spawn apart from each other. ex; Anubis

1-b) In special cases I use auto-focused shot(Image4) on Shadow Weapon Skill when the mob is short-ranged or when we have a tank & priest in the team or when I know the mob can't reach me because sometimes it will kill you it has a mediocre channeling time before it releases but it does 5-6x dmg compared to normal atks & it makes you deal more dmg for the next attacks, which makes +15% more dmg to the 5-6x dmg compared to normal atk if it consecutively triggers!

1-c) Most of the time I use the falcon mastery enhancement(Image5) on Shadow Weapon Skill because I can maneuver easily without having problems on channeling skills plus it makes my normal atks more bonus dmg because of falcon atk more frequently triggering.

1-d) Sometimes I turn off Blitz Beat on auto-battle settings because its range is bad haha, It makes our character come close to the target just to cast it.

2-a) Second is, AFK Grinding on small monsters or medium but grouped spawning monsters skill build: in this build, I take advantage of our high dex giving us high vigor/haste. I use AOE skills so I can hit those grouped mobs and kill them at once or at least dmg most of them so I can kill them with normal atk quickly. (See Images 6-9). Well, this build is self-explanatory so just check on the image

3-a) Third is, PVP/KVM skill build: in this build my priority is "CC"(Crowd Control) we want to control how our foe moves or focusing on disabling them so we can free hit them to death for this build, I don't have Images for reference but I would say focus on skills that can cause stun such as "Arrow Repel" & the passive called "Intimidation" that can make our Blitz have a chance to stun That's all I can say I'm not really PVP-oriented so that's all I can say hahaha.

2.) "Equipment Build" - Equipment is the main source of our dmg or toughness in the game as well as our stat build. For this one I'll make it short as possible. Mostly this only differs from Accessories

1-a) My first equip set is focused on P.atk & crit & as I've mentioned only the accessories are changeable because if you already acquired the Shadow Weapon you can't change your main weapon. For this one, I use Lvl 40 White Accessories Tiered-up to II Because it is cheap & easy to acquire compared to higher rarity accessories, Plus it offers just the right stat you need for a F2P or low spender type archer player Soon you can use those refines for the lvl 70 accessories (See images 10-11) those are the equipment set I used most of the time for Skill Builds (1-a, 1-b, 1-c, 1-d & 3-a).

1-b) Here are my second Accessories set mainly used for AFK Grinding in small/medium grouped mobs (See Images 12-13) In this setup pure raw DEX is boosted giving me more Vigor/Haste making my skills CD faster. But I should include how it compares to the first accessories set. For me, it has the same DMG output even though my blue acc set is only +3 in refine. The only difference is it crits less than the white set.

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credits to Danilo Domingo