Rainbow Six Siege Update

A new update will be given to Rainbow Six Siege that will make it easier for players to match with other players who are near or similar to their rank. It intends to match more balanced teams when playing online.

Ubisoft announced the update on its forums, saying it will arrive on February 23 during an estimated 30-minute period of maintenance. Xbox One and PS4 players will see the maintenance start at 1 AM PST, while PC users will have to wait until 7:30 AM for their version of the game to update.

The current matchmaking situation has large "Skill Rank" relaxation increments with no limit on how different in skill teams can be. This results in matches where one team can be full of high-skilled players, while their opponent is comprised of beginners. Tomorrow's update hopes to fix this problem, though it could lead to longer matchmaking times.

source via gamespot
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