Rangarok Next Generation MVP/ MINIs guide (RoX)


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Nov 4, 2018
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1. Respawn status of MVP's :
Longer time: 3 hours
Short time: 1 hour
Respawn soon: In a few minutes- 10 minutes
2. There will always be an announcement being shown every time there is a spawned MVP.
3. You should be in a party to get rewards
4. Rankings are based from party accumulated damage
5. Drop rate is shared with in the party, not equally divided.
6. You may only get rewards on your first 3 participation on MVP
7. More damage has great chance of getting rare items
8. Need to deal atleast 1% damage to earn damage ranking rewards.
9. MVP coin rewards is either 3,2 and 1.
10. 3 coins for the last hit bonus, 2 coins for the first hit same goes with MINI
11. Participation bonus - 1 coin
12. Special weather can also effect MVPs and MINI to be a little aggressive
13. You either can get an actual card or a shard where you can collect atleast 360 pieces to turn it into an actual card.
14. Coins earned can be used for Cards and Gold gear(gatcha).
15. You may also earn job and base exp upon participation
16 You may also participate as solo but better rewards can be given if you're in a party.

The rewards for MVP and MINIs are either gold, headgear or cards
MVP and MINIs system will be available once you hit lvl 29 at the same time
There are 3 available cards that you can get you in a day coming from 1 mvp, one for morning, afternoon and evening which also offers different kind of stats, in this you may choose what mvp or minis to prioritize and participate in, but I still recommend to do it every single time possible since you'll never know when luck will hit.
For the rewards, you may also see this when you click time visited icon on the MVP page, you will see all different kind of rewards. Rare rewards are only given to the first 15 highest damage on the specific MVP which you will see on the battle report after an mvp has been killed, Disclaimer: If you're within this list then then getting a rare rewards is still only a chance . Next is the Damage ranking rewards which will be given to the top 10 teams, rank 1= 3 coins, rank 2=2 coins, rank 3=1 coin. For all others ,the participation rewards may vary getting 1 coin is still just a chance. Then the last character to land the last hit bonus will also get a last hit reward which is 3 mvp/mini coin and 2 coin will be given to the first one to land damage on the mvp regardless on what ranking your team is placed.

Also take note that MVP/Minis only respawn on Channel 1. you may see your current channel at the top right beside the area name that you're currently in, you may also click that to change you channel number.

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