Rappelz M RPG Opens Pre-Registration for Android and iOS

Another familiar RPG game will soon enter the mobile game arena as Rappelz M launch its pre-registration for players and will run until February 27.

After the closing of the Beta Test of Rappelz The Rift, Playpark opens this February the pre-registration for this mobile game based on the hit MMORPG Rappelz Online which was developed by Korean company Gala Lab. The game boast with full 3D graphics and features a gripping story between three races namely Deva (those who represent the light), Asura (people of darkness) and Gaia (the human race) as they fight together against the rise of an enemy called “The Witch” that threatens the balance of their world.

So far Rappelz M promise the same high end graphics like its predecessor and full customization of characters. Dungeons raids, Guilds and its infamous pet system are also introduce in the trailer which really looks promising. However, the number of pre-registered players as of the moment haven’t reached its 50K mark so keep you eyes open for possible changes in the date of the official launching of the game.