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Jul 7, 2019
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The classic MMORPG game on PC is now coming on MOBILE! Experience greatness at your fingertips~
  • High-quality graphics even on low-end devices
  • Limitless character customization options
  • Unlimited content to explore after completing the Story Quests
Get ready for Rappelz The Rift CBT with PlayPark! Dive in the wondrous world of Gaia!

Game Introduction Dimensional War
Become a King to experience the major RVR!

What is 'Dimensional war'?
It is a competitive content where you can join the war against others from different dimensions in a certain time.

All the players with LV. 36 and above who declared war or received the declaration.

Glory, EXP, Diamonds, Dimensional achievement.

How to participate
When you are logged in during the battle period, you can automatically participate in the dimensional war through the pop-up message that will ask you for the participation.

How to start the war
The players who are appointed King or Duke can declare war.
The day after they declared the war, the war will start at 19:00(UTC + 8) for 30 min.

How it works
Offense dimension will defeat the defense monsters of defender dimension, and if they defeat the supreme commander monster of defender dimension within the battle period, they win.

Defender dimension defeats the offense dimension to protect their supreme commander monster. If they succeed to defend for 30 min., they win.

Guild The master of guild is the master of dimension.

Pros of Guild:
You can level up yourself faster once you join the guild, and increase your CP more from the guild missions.

Position and Authority:
The positions of guild include Guild Master, Sub-Guild Master, Lord, and General Guild Member. The Guild Master can appoint one Sub-Guild Master and five Lords. Higher the position, more authorities to get. Authorities for each position are as it shown in table 1.

Relationship between Guild and Dimension:
Rankings of Guild for each dimension are calculated. The guild points defines the rankings, which means all the guild members' CP and contribution are the criteria. The guild master of the Rank 1 Guild becomes the king of the dimension.

As a king, the user can appoint a noble, and declare a dimensional war. A user who was appointed as a noble can have extra stats, as it shown in table 2. Once the user is dismissed from the position, the extra stats will disappear.

Characters and Classes

This is 'Gaia' - He is specialized in short range attacks. Main weapon is two-handed ax.

This is 'Asura' - As she's a master of archery, she's specialized in long-range attacks and uses bow as her major weapon.

This is 'Deva' - He is basically a magician using a wand but also a drop of priest resides within.