Razer Panthera Arcade Stick Dragonball Z FighterZ - 12,495 PHP Gamepad 

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Jun 9, 2018
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BRED TO FIGHT! Razer Panthera Arcade Stick Dragonball Z FighterZ for PS4 will be available today at Datablitz!

Ready up to combat the super Android fighters plaguing the cosmos. Unleash elaborate combos and supers, and deal staggering damage in explosive glory. True power knows no limit—go ahead and burn plenty of super meter.

• CONSTRUCTED FOR COMBAT - The Razer Panthera is a tournament-grade fighting machine that uses premium Sanwa hardware components. Get full control with 10 highly responsive buttons and an 8-way joystick—exactly what you need to perfectly and precisely tackle your opponents. Kamehame-ha!

• CUSTOMIZE IT YOUR WAY - For the modding enthusiasts who switch out your joystick and buttons to suit your mood or playstyle, the Razer Panthera is fully mod-capable and effortless to customize. The entire bottom of the internal compartment is also easy to screw mount in every location.

• ROOM FOR MORE - At the touch of a button, the internal storage compartments of the Razer Panthera open to reveal dedicated slots for an included detachable screw-lock cable, a ball top joystick, and a screwdriver. There’s also room to store two extra buttons—making it the all-in-one arcade stick.

SRP: P12,495.00

NOTE: Branch delivery schedules vary per location. Please call your preferred branch to confirm on its availability before dropping by. Our store directory can be found here: goo.gl/4DwPHf