Razer releases its new streaming peripherals Seiren BT Microphone, Key Light Chroma & Audio Mixer

As streaming is now inseparable with gaming, Razer has released the perfect equipment to make your streaming more professional and enjoyable. The new streaming hardware that Razer has released are Razer Seiren BT microphone that provides professional-grade wireless audio, Razer Audio Mixer for on-stream audio mixing, and lastly, Razer Key Light Chroma for adaptive lighting.


The Seiren BT microphone connects via Bluetooth, which is perfect for streamers because of the convenience that this device offers. Without the extra fussiness that comes with cable management, Seiren BT provides the perfect audio quality because of its omnidirectional microphone and intelligent noise suppression software.

seiren bt.jpg

The Audio Mixer is a four-channel analog mixer, which makes adjusting and calibrating the audio while streaming easy. Streamers can adjust the volume, mute, and add vocal effects easily. The audio mixer is equipped with Razer Synapse 3 software, which increases the control that the user has over audio. Software-based noise gate, EQ functions, and more options are also available.

audio mixer.jpg

The Key Light Chroma is a lighting peripheral designed for desktop streamers, which helps them to get the exact right tone and light that they want. This is powered with Razer Chroma RGB. The lighting can be controlled via Razer Streaming App or Synapse 3. As there are presets available, streamers can just sync the light with other Chroma compatible devices or with stream notifications. A desk clamp pole comes with it, which allows it to be clamped on a table and be adjusted without taking too much space.

key light chroma.jpg

Razer Seiren BT is priced at $99.99, Razer Audio Mixer at $249.99, while Razer Key Light Chroma is priced at $299.99. All new streaming devices that Razer has released can be purchased through Amazon or through the official Razer Store.