Razer teased its upcoming handheld gaming console Razer Edge 5G ahead of its October 15 launch

Razer was rumored to have entered the handheld gaming console market late last year and it was said that it will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 chip.

razer edge 5g.jpg

Recently, Verizon has confirmed the rumor and the device will be called the Razor Edge 5G. A Dualsense-like haptic feedback feature for the trigger buttons were hinted to be part of the design.

The Razer Edge 5G's design was revealed by Qualcomm earlier this year and it appears to be a hybrid between a console controller and a handheld gaming console. It has thick bezels and a small screen. It also has a webcam, presumably for live streaming.

Unfortunately, with the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1, Qualcomm has been intentionally vague with its specifications. The official website states that it features an Adreno GPU, Kryo CPU, a 5G radio, Wi-Fi 6E and the ability to output 4K video to a TV. The CPU/GPU are likely from an older generation and it might not be able to keep up with x86-based hardware from Steam, Aya Neo and GPD. Probably, the Razer Edge 5G will serve as a cloud gaming console like the Logitech G. Razer will fully showcase the console on October 15 at RazerCon.