Raziel: Dungeon Arena Prepares For Tomorrow's Android Closed Beta Testing

Not long ago, we featured Raziel: Dungeon Arena as a possible rival of Diablo Immortal on the mobile platform and gaming genre as well. And today, Indrasoft made an attempt to get ahead of Blizzard by catching us by surprise with their CBT announcement and early-access download button activated on Google Play Store.

Raziel Dungeon Arena.jpg

Before you download the early-access of the game and get confused, hear me first. I'm not joking when I said that you can download the game. But, you can't play yet since the CBT hasn't officially started yet. If you noticed it, the time indicated above is 11 PM EST. That means we'll get the game tomorrow, September 4, 11 AM, here in the Philippines.

If you're waiting for this game, make sure to make the most of your experience for this won't last forever. The CBT will only run for 8 days and end at the same time as it opened. But, hey, we get to finally experience some legit mobile Diablo-like game.

Raziel Dungeon Arena a.jpg

You probably read it already from the title, but let me tell it straight - it's for Android users ONLY. It seems that the developers haven't fully optimized the game for iOS yet and decided to proceed with CBT in Android only. Here's their response in the comments of their Facebook page.

All Android users can play. There is no Apple Testflight version for the beta. We won't have a workable Testflight version running for the OBT. But no worries, the Android players won't be ahead of you when the game launches! [email protected]

The game data is huge with a total of 5.07 GB after the full installation. Rushing into the game with excitement, I was blocked by a message that you're seeing above. As I checked the server, there's only one existing server with an indicator of "under maintenance". So, it's clear that they're preparing for tomorrow's launch.

Raziel Dungeon Arena b.jpg

Another thing that you might encounter in the game is the message telling that your device is not supported by the game. Players who installed the game with 2GB, 4GB, and in some rare cases, even 8GB RAM, received the message. It might be a bug for 4GB and above users, but it clearly states that those with 2GB RAM won't be able to play the game.

As for the device models, it seems that they're still trying to fully optimize the game for all devices including iOS phones. I've seen some Xiaomi and Huawei users already who experienced it and sent their reports to the developers.

Raziel Dungeon Arena c.jpg

Enjoy the game's CBT and don't invest too much as your progress won't be carried into your account when the game officially launches on September 22. The game release can still be changed depending on their progress. If you still haven't seen it, you check it out on Google Play Store. You can also check their Facebook page or join their Discord server in the links provided below:
Let's all hope that this game delivers what we're hoping for. With that being said, what do you think of this game? Will you try it out, too? Is this a worthy opponent for Diablo Immortal? Share your thoughts.