Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World's Mobile Game Is Slated For Release This Year

The critically-acclaimed isekai light novel by Tappei Nagatsuki is expected to have its video game version for Android and iOS this year and features a different take to its original storyline.

Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World tells the story of a geek called Subaru Natsuki who transported into a game-like fantasy world. Though the game continues to follow the main storyline, it will allow the players to have a new story to follow base on the decision they will make in the game.

Under the guidance of Sega, Re:Zero offers a party-building system featuring other characters from the light novel, character customization and auto-battle features.

Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World will be launched in Japan this year and is free-to-play with additional micro-transactions for in-game items.