Reach Level 80 in 1 Week in Ragnarok Mobile

Guild of Guardians


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Oct 23, 2018
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This will teach you how to reach level 80 in Ragnarok M Eternal Love within 1 week

Music Recorder
This item will provide you extra 60 stamina if you listen to it for one hour. Music is located in Prontera South.

Mentor System
This is called whaling or power leveling, you will need a friend or guild mate who is at least level 85 he will become your mentor.
  • Student will level faster and get 2 buffs from your mentor
  • Mentor gets a mentor badge to exchange as guild contributions or friendship cards

Adventure Manual
  • Gives 170% exp for 24 hours
  • Provides extra base and job exp after receiving
  • can be used until level 85

Note: Dont forget to get buffs before grinding

Guarding Scroll
  • Will give +20 for all stats for 90 minutes
Note: This cant be used once you reached Transcendent Jobs like Assassin Cross, Champion, Lord Knight, Paladin, High Wizard, High Priest, Master smith, Biochemist or Stalker.

VIP Card
This will benefit players with 2~3 characters because it will allow you use unlimited chain which cuts grinding time.
  • 5% Buff for Base EXP
  • 5% Buff for Job EXP
  • 10% Increase drop rate for Proof of Glory
  • Auto Grinding +1 Skill Slot
  • Unlimited Chain
Grinding Spots
For optimal grind the spot must be 5~10 level higher than your current level, below are my suggestions
  • Level 10-27 Wormtail in Prontera North Field
  • Level 27-45 Goblin in the Goblin Forest
  • Level 45-60 Metaller / Dustiness in Prontera North Field
  • Level 60-85 Mantis in Prontera North Field
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