Ready for the Yaksha? Xiao's Story Teaser revealed PC iOS Android 

It appears as Patch 1.3 nears its release, bits of character story for Xiao is being revealed. Yesterday, a trailer appeared on how the Yakshas were made and how their purpose was to the world before the Traveler has set foot in Teyvat. With all of them gone or missing, it appears Xiao is our only Yaksha available at the moment.

While Anemo is a neutral element in Genshin Impact, I can see potential in Xiao despite my former worries. The thought of a neutral character being a burst damage dealer is not much grand to me as elemental reactions are the name of the game, if you combine Cryo with Pyro, enemies will melt and so will their health bars, with Hydro and Pyro, they can be vaporized with ease, so I had my few doubts with Xiao being a strong damage dealer, but if miHoYo can pull it off, then it's another story.


With the Lantern Rite festival coming soon, thus signals the arrival of Xiao. People have been hyping up for him, will he be able to live up to the expectations or will he cause drama just like Zhong'li? Only the future will tell. People will have an easier time in acquiring him as there will be the Lantern Rite event that you will get 10 free Intertwined Fate per day by logging in. The future is bright for Xiao stans and simps.


All this comes in Patch 1.3 in February 3, are you ready to get him? If so, tell us in the comments below! May the RNGesus bless you with the Yaksha.