Real Life Battle Royale, Ragnarok M Adventurer, UBG Mobile 0.12.0, CoD Mobile Garena and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the millionaire who wants a Real Life Battle Royale, New RO Mobile game called Ragnarok M Adventurer, Call of Duty Mobile that will be published by Garena, Rules of Survival Songkran Patch, PUBG Mobile 0.12 zombies and pets update, Elder Scrolls Blade and FInally Remnant: From the Ashes release date

Real Life Battle Royale
  • Due to the popularity of the battle royale genre, thanks to PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends and Rules of Survival
  • An anonymous millionaire wants to create a real life battle royale that will take place in an isolated island
  • According to the reports the millionaire will pay 59,000 usd to design the mechanics of the event
  • So if you want to apply here are the requirements
  • experience in large scale event management, set design and an expected 6 weeks of work
  • As for the real life battle royale mechanics
  • the event will take place in a private island, like the anime “BToom” with each day lasting 12 hours
  • The participants will camp during night time with all the equipment like food, camping and other necessary gear will be provided
  • Then finally the winner of the event will win 130,660 USD or around 6.7 million pesos!
  • as of now there are no details how to join the event but the job posting was seen in Hush Hush website a luxury online marketplace for the rich
Call of Duty Mobile Garena

  • In the recent press release update
  • Garena revealed that they have teamed up with activision and Tencent to release Call of Duty Mobile in Taiwan and and selected South East Asian Regions
  • so basically the game will be available to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and of course Philippines
  • this was announced in the recent Garena World 2019 Event
  • According to the press release, Call of Duty Mobile will include the iconic maps like Nuketown and Hijacked
  • Unfortunately there is no mention of any release date
  • however you can now pre register on their website
  • additionally based on the FAQ page there will be multiple CBT stages although we are not sure when will this take place
Playstation ID
  • After more than 10 years, not sure if 12 years exactly
  • Playstation is finally allowing its users to change their usernames!
  • this is good news if you are like us stuck with names that are not meant to be used
  • the username change can be done via the PS4 console and Playstation network website
  • the process is free for the first time however there are subsequent fees if you wish to change name again
  • also note, there are 10 games with critical issues if you change your name
  • according to the reports some DLC and virtual currencies might be affected
  • so to get the list of the games just visit the playstation website before changing your username

Elder Scrolls Blades

  • If you are an Elder Scroll Fan, good news because the Elders SCrolls Blades mobile game early access is now available
  • So basically the invite only restriction was lifter and everyone is welcome to try the early access game
  • unfortunately the game is not available globally so there are selected regions
  • also a final build release has not yet been mentioned
  • but if you are interested you can checkout the game on iOS and Android Play Store
  • do note that the game is “unreleased” so expect bugs
Remnant: From the Ashes

  • Perfect World Entertainment and Gunfire Games finally announced the release date for its new game Remnant: From the Ashes
  • according to the announcement the game will release on August 20 2019
  • and the game will be available for Xbox, PS4 and Steam
  • To those who don't know the game is a third person survival action shooter
  • according to the devs there will be over 100 monsters with 20 epic bosses in a dynamically generated levels
  • basically it's like monster hunter

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Pets?

  • In a recent PUBG Mobile Patch notes
  • PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 will get a new zombie mode, weapons and more
  • this patch will include different type of zombies
  • according to the reports it will have a dog zombie, jumping zombie, and even zombies that can climb
  • so basically there will changes to Zombie: Survive till dawn mode and new mode called Darkest Night
  • the update also suggest an eagle as a new companion pet that will accompany them during their matches
  • however it's currently unknown if there are mechanics on the pet or just purely cosmetic
  • the new update is currently on beta testing as for the official release there is no mentioned
  • so will just have to wait

RoS Songkran Patch
  • Rules of Survival had a patch recently, so what's new?
  • well here are the changes
  • RoS will added new set function where players can now preview the in game sets to the depot
  • Then they also updated the Gold Mode Plus, because this week's update is all about shotguns and shields
  • And because Songkran, the game added a new Songkran Festival for a limited time
  • with special weapons like Mini-Zone Gold Mode and Unlimited Respawn
  • players who participated in the event will earn water medals that can be used to exchange limited songkran festival rewards
  • also, there will be a songkran festival looks which will be available on the lucky draw for a limited time
  • and as usual according the devs the game got “experience optimization”
  • this includes reconnectinge time, optimized pc keys, red zone logic adjustments and many more
  • however there was no mention of an update on their anti cheat? did they forget? or they stop bothering anymore?
  • let us know in the comments!

Ragnarok M Adventurer

  • It seems we are getting a new Ragnarok Mobile Game called Ragnarok M Adventurer
  • based from the trailer and description this is an authorized Ragnarok title in partnership with Gravity, Jun Meng Games and Lu Yang Games
  • so it seems to be an official licensed title
  • Ragnarok M Adventurer will have similar graphics from Eternal Love
  • as well as similarities with the music
  • however the gameplay is very different
  • as based from peoples playthrough it looks like an idle game with card mechanics
  • this is similar to gatcha games like brave frontier or brave exvius
  • if you are into those type of games you will like it
  • but if you are a hardcore RO player like us
  • this is very disappointing as it looks like another cash grab
  • wouldn't it be nice to just have the original RO with RO M graphics for mobile?
  • and since its an idle game expect tons of micro transactions and gatcha elements
  • If you are interested a close beta is currently running this april 12 until april 22