Receive the Full Moon’s Blessings through Noah’s 3rd Path!

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is releasing the 3rd and Final Noah Job Path - Nyx Pieta! This class utilizes the power of the Full Moon to simultaneously protect and buff your allies while raining damage upon enemies. This path will release alongside multiple celebration events which hold exclusive rewards beginning March 10th 2021 and running until April 6th 2021.


After suffering the impact of many lost loved ones, Noah decides to solely dedicate his life to healing and protecting the lives of others. This causes him to become the Pilgrim of the Silver Moon, Nyx Pieta. This path of Noah utilizes the power of Relics to both support and heal allies and unleash the full power of the moon against any who tries to do harm.

Nyx Pieta channels the power of the Moon into his playstyle with both the Blessing of Moonlight System and the Relics of Confession and Rest. The Blessing of Moonlight System buffs certain skills depending on the Moon Phases, which changes every time a skill is cast.

The Relics of Confession and Rest provides Nyx Pieta with the power of destruction and protection. Utilize the Relic of Confession to gain additional damage buffs while Relic of Rest provides your allies peace of mind with healing and other supporting buffs.

During the period of Nyx Pieta’s Launch, Elsword will be celebrating the Noah 3rd Path Update Event which is specifically designed to help jumpstart your Nyx Pieta with rewards like 50% EXP Boost Medal, Consumable Potions, Mounts and more! Furthermore, once you finish the event, you can claim a [Luriel] Saint’s Crown which is an exclusive Nyx Pieta-based accessory created for this event!

In addition, login during the weekend for the Noah 3rd Path Update Special Weekend Event! On Saturdays during his release celebration (March 13th and 20th), we’ll give 100 Spectral Amethyst for players that log in for 60 minutes. These Spectral Amethyst will be used to both craft and upgrade the most powerful armor set currently - the Amethystine Prophecy set.

On Sundays, we’ll provide a Sunday Burning Event with 2x EXP on March 14th 2021 and 2x Drop Rate on March 21st 2021. This will allow players to rapidly level up while gaining valuable drops from dungeons on Sundays!

Furthermore, you’re invited to the Moonlight Gala (Full Moon), a special board game event where players win rewards as they complete daily quests and progress through the board. Finish the board game and players will be rewarded with the Legendary Moon Rabbit Costume Suit. This will be a unique opportunity to obtain a costume suit that suitably represents Nyx Pieta.

Check out the Noah 3rd Path Teaser Trailer Video here:

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The Full Moon’s light shines upon all players with the Third Path, Nyx Pieta’s Release. Don’t miss out on your final chance to try out the newest character Noah while gaining all the Noah Release Celebration rewards and more. Login and create your Nyx Pieta during the event duration from March 10th 2021 to April 2th 2021!

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