Recommended Skill Build Guide for Archer / Hunter in Ragnarok M

Discussion in 'Ragnarok' started by LeeVhen, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. LeeVhen

    LeeVhen Regular Gamer

    Many of you asking me to translate the archer/hunter/sniper skill descriptions. I’d like to start off with Hunter Skills since I’m now a lvl 71 sniper. I’m going to translate all the skills one by one. Just be patient. :)

    Personal Skill Build (Based on Beast Type Hunter)

    Job 1-5
    Double Strafing 0-2 ; Owl’s Eye 0-3
    Job 6-30
    Double Strafing 2-8; Owl’s Eye 3-10; Vulture's Eye 0-5; Arrow Shower 0-7
    Job 31-40
    Double Strafing 8-10; Arrow Shower 7-10; Vulture's Eye 5-10; Owl’s Eye 10
    Note: You need lvl 2 elemental arrow to use fire arrow. (But I never try it before)

    Hunter lvl 40-70
    Job 1-20
    Attention Concentrate 0-10; Blitz Beat 0-5;Beast Bane 0-2;Falcon Attack 0-3
    Job 21-40
    Blitz Beat 5-10; Beast Bane 2-10; Falcon Attack 3-10; Claymore Trap 0-5

    Claymore Trap + Blast Mine is a wise choice for trap hunter, If you prefer manual leveling! Plz play trap hunter [​IMG]

    Emm,many ppl pm me asking about stat build. Personally, I put all my points for dex + int. Int is the most important point for trap hunter and endless arrow shower. I can only say trap hunter is the most OP one in crack/ET/MVP hunting as well as leveling. AD hunter sucks...since AD hunter cannot solo hunting also...

    Note: ID hunter hard for leveling before lvl 55. So AD hunter for 1-55 will be better.
  2. admin

    admin Administrator
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  3. Alpajora

    Alpajora Regular Gamer

    ano mas recommended bow type or dagger type na hunter?
  4. Zethro

    Zethro Elite Gamer

    Recommended Skill Build Guide for Archer / Hunter

    Many of you asking me to translate the archer/hunter/sniper skill descriptions. I’d like to start off with Hunter Skills since I’m now a lvl 71 sniper. I’m going to translate all the skills one by one. Just be patient. :)

    Archer lvl1-40
    Recommend Skill Build

    Job 1-5

    Double Strafing 0-2
    Owl’s Eye 0-3

    Job 6-30
    Double Strafing 2-8
    Owl’s Eye 3-10
    Vulture's Eye 0-5
    Arrow Shower 0-7

    Job 31-40
    Double Strafing 8-10
    Arrow Shower 7-10
    Vulture's Eye 5-10
    Owl’s Eye 10

    Note: You need lvl 2 elemental arrow to use fire arrow. (But I never try it before)

    Hunter lvl 40-60
    Recommend Skill Build

    Job 1-20
    Attention Concentrate 0-10
    Blitz Beat 0-5
    Beast Bane 0-2
    Falcon Attack 0-3

    Job 21-40
    Blitz Beat 5-10
    Beast Bane 2-10
    Falcon Attack 3-10
    Freezing Trap 0-5
  5. RheinMori

    RheinMori Casual Gamer

    Power House Hunter (AGI DEX)
    Pro : High Normal Damage & High ASPD
    Con : Crowd control skills need INT for damage, and without INT, you will spam use SP pots alot in order to spam skills

    Trapper (DEX INT)
    Pro : High Damage AOE using traps
    Con : Need a slave priest due to u don't have AGI to avoid attacks
    Need priest buffs for extra stats and SP regen in order to spam Traps

    Auto Blitzer (AGI INT LUK)
    Pro : Fairly nice solo capabilities without the need for a slave priest
    Nice additional damage from Auto Blitz which will auto trigger around 2~3 times per monster, higher if more LUK added
    Con : Low Normal Attack Damage due to low DEX

    Hybrid (AGI DEX INT LUK)
    Pro : All rounder = Nice damage, nice auto blitz rate and higher survivability, ideal for solo and AFK farm
    Con : This class does not outdamage the trapper or power house hunter in their respective department

    This is from what i can sum up after reading the forum, please correct me if i am wrong as i am not an expert using a Hunter yet
  6. MervinTalosig

    MervinTalosig Newbie Gamer

    It depends on your playstyle. Im hybrid hunter, i must say good equipment is needed for you to be able solo hunter,or at least a good weapon like mystical bow. If you use pc to afk farming, then go for dex agi build, and hunt ez monster like wolves to 1-2 hit kill with cat mercenary until u rich. If u cant afk farm cuz use phone just play hybrid+sp regen equip with ds as main skill, it is all around build u can do quest, farm easier without using lot of pots etc.And get cat merc like the healer to help u.

    Im currently level 66 hunter with 900+ atk and 200 flee, and with 2 cats merc i can easily do solo quest and afk farm any monster 1-5 level higher(without using pots). For your extra skill points go for elemental arrow since it give additional attack and u can use fire arrow which will give huge bonus attack against earth monster.

    Also consider create a wiz for ur main since it easier for grinding and become rich. It will help build ur hunter/sniper.
  7. NashDinoy

    NashDinoy Newbie Gamer

    If you guys looking for an Auto Blitzer build this is a perfect stats and skills.

    total LUK 60 only
    - this gives you atleast 20% chance to auto blitz (same with PC RO)

    base AGI is around 60-70
    -if you want to max your ASPD or FLEE better invest more on ASPD or FLEE equips, higher than 70 would be a waste of stat points.

    now for the two main stats which is DEX VS INT for auto blitzer
    -invest for on DEX since INT has a higher multiplier than DEX unless you want to be a trapper as well but i would recommend max int is 40 because you falcon's base damage will be around 1k per hit with 40 int regardless of your dex base on the skill's formula.

    Skill points Allocation

    10 Vulture Eye
    10 Owl's Eye
    10 Elemental Arrow

    10 Improve concentration
    10 Beast Master
    10 Falcon Lighting Assault

    5 Wild Instinct
    10 True Sight
    5 Deterrence
    10 Tamer

    For Equipment of Choice, i would recommend ASPD, since you're an auto blitzer you need attack real fast to increase the proc rate. with 300%+ aspd and 60 luk you will see your falcon going back and fort and it's pretty nice to hear and see like the assassin's crispy crit.

    also, dont invest too on LUK equips, it's useless and a waste of resources, you would want to get more ATK/DEX equips for your normal damage or maybe SP regen if you want to be a trapper as well.

    Though this is not a really a good mini boss/MVP solo build, it's still a interesting and satisfying one.
  8. EivanBlack

    EivanBlack Casual Gamer

    To leave the auto-attack you must choose mobs that are between 1 and 5 lvs below the level of your character. Ex: when lv was 40-45 I left it in goblins map, right now I am 47 and I still can not leave it in anthell because it can not stand the dencity of the mob.

    I always give priority to the agi for the flee question that is extremely important.

    Try as much as possible to use food +5 dex because it increases the attack significantly.

    The morroc arch is important because the DS auto does an extra damage consierable. Then I'll try to be full blitz biz to see how it goes.
  9. Derba

    Derba Hardcore Gamer

    Can i have your opinion about this, since this is agi hunter, what if i invest my skill on DS/AS and traps ? since you are not luk type for auto blitz i think it is better if you hold the mob on your trap then kill it with your high speed
    i based this on old ro, if you rely on auto blitz then you should add luk to your stat but this build is for agi so it might better if we invest at traps
  10. Bantillo

    Bantillo Regular Gamer

    That's a good build when facing high level mobs. However agi hunters rely with their flee rate and asp so investing your skill points on traps might be redundant if you have high enough flee to dodge monsters. Also, you have only six slots on your skill bar. Is it worth to put trap on your skill bar instead of attack skills?
  11. LeeVhen

    LeeVhen Regular Gamer

    IMO High level mobs have high accuracy even you have high flee rate. thats why some player add decent amount of vit for survibality. in our case as hunter agi type, and not having a decent HP or def, my idea is having an ankle snare or some traps that can hold a mob for a mins.

    Not all traps are good so i think it is better to invest claymore traps for PVP and PVE and also traps in archer skill tree. i think that is ankle snare
    archer skill -
    arrow shower - 10 (for cracks)
    DS - 8 (max it when you are hunter)
    Vultures eye -10 max
    Owls eye - 10 max
    element arrow - 2
    total of 40 job level

    hunter skill
    concentration - 10 max
    claymore trap - 5 max
    freezing trap - 5 max
    blast mine - 5 max
    ankle snare - 5 max (invest in this skill when you are hunter or it depends on your game type)
    you have to choose 4 beast bane 4 blitz beat or 8 blitz beat (this is for the remaing skill points ) 2 points invest for DS
  12. Zethro

    Zethro Elite Gamer

    n the end it's all about preference. I believe in all out offensive thats my style in playing archer class. Having maxed out vultures eye is already a major advantage. You can dish out a LOT of damage before the monster touches you or you may get hit and take some damage (That's where the flee rate comes to play). It's a waste of sp and time setting up traps then lure/atk monsters if they get lose setup and repeat. I would rather DS the heck out of the monster to get a sure kill and then move on to the next. It's faster that way.

    Don't get me wrong. Your build is good but it does not fit on how I play the class. PVP is a whole different story.

  13. Alpajora

    Alpajora Regular Gamer

    Hi, I'm a former AGI/LUK Build. Upon my observation in terms of damage output, AGI/DEX is much superior vs AGI/LUK. Currently, I'm level 57. I still want to be my falcon to auto-blitz so I added a little LUK to make it blitz every 3-5 Attacks.

    Here is my current Build:
    • AGI 45+25
    • DEX 50+48
    • LUK 25+5
    • AGI 50~70 [Decent ASPD]
    • DEX 90~99 [Maximized damage output of DS & FALCON ASSAULT]
    • VIT 40~60 [Since Archer Class is so fragile, adding VIT will give a good survivability]
    • LUK 25~30 [Gives a chance of Auto-Blitz]

    ARCHER [41 Points]
    • DS 10 [for Auto-Attack and for PVP, I don't add points in Arrow Shower since there are other jobs such WIZ and VS-type SIN to do AOE Damage on Cracks.]
    • VULTURE'S EYE 10 [Additional Range+50%, HIT+20]
    • OWL'S EYE 10 [Dex+10]
    • ELEMENTAL ARROW 8 [Since I'm a DS-Type this is very useful with 3 Damage per Level so a Lv10 will 30 More Damage]
    • ANKLE SNARE 3 (trap) [Very useful in PVP and farming High Lvl Monsters or ★ Monsters. It holds the monster for 12secs, then spam DS or attack normally. Recast this before the duration ends to hold the enemy at its location. To make this effective, counter the monster's element. You can buy then from Auction (water/wind/earth) and Item NPC (fire). Not very useful in MVP Hunt since the MVP will teleport immediately when it receives damage when trapped.]
    • ARROW CHARGE 1 (from hunter Skill Points) [If Trap duration ends and you forgot to recast, the first thing to do is don't move then immediately put a trap behind the monster and then arrow charge to push it back to the trap. This also cancel the casting of enemy player or monster.]

    HUNTER [39 Points]
    • BLITZ BEAT 10 [Ignores DEF. Additional damage when auto-attacking, with LUK 25+5, you have a 10% chance to auto-blitz (1% every 3LUK).]
    • FALCON MASTERY 10 [Falcon Damage+60]
    • FALCON ASSAULT 5 [Ignores DEF. Do x5 Blitz Beat Damage. Damage increase by INT and Dex (the damage ratio given by stats between INT and DEX is 1:5, which is INT gives more damage than DEX.]
    • AREA REVEAL 3 [Reveal area for 20secs, Useful in PVP versus ASSASSIN and Hidden Mobs such as Whisper.]
    Best Regards to ALL!
  14. Bocar

    Bocar Casual Gamer

    My current skill build are~

    Owl's eye 10/10
    Vulture's eye 10/10
    Arrow Shower 10/10
    Double Strafe 1/10
    element arrow 10/10
    Attenttion Concentration 10/10

    Now I am thinking if i should invest my skill points in Double Strafe or in falcon's kills?I am thinking investing in falcon's skills since I'm mostly auto normal attack and my bird will help to deal some damage time to time, but my stats build is Agi/Dex.

    Please assist, thank you
  15. FritzIdle

    FritzIdle Regular Gamer

    Hi there, I'm a newbie in the game and I would like to ask for your opinion about my lvl 48 Hunter, I want to make it into a Blitzer.

    AGI -30


    DS 8/10
    OWL EYE 10/10
    AS 1/10
    BB 6/10
    FA 1/5
    BEAST BANE 2/10

    thanks a lot guys
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