Red Bull Guardians Tournament announced! Will Let Players Swap Out Heroes Mid-Match!

Mike Ols

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Aug 30, 2016
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Red Bull announced a new custom Dota 2 tournament, Red Bull Guardians, and confirmed paiN Gaming and Mineski will compete.

Official Tweet:

The new Dota 2 event is a custom tournament by Red Bull. The Red Bull Guardians will be played like a typical game, but will include a drafting phase where teams can pick three heroes to be substitutes. "Players can swap between each hero during the game, and the incoming hero will retain the same items and experience as the outgoing character," the post read. "There is also a three-minute individual cooldown, attached to each player, for use of this ability." Four Dota 2 teams will compete at the event. PaiN Gaming and Mineski were invited to the event and are confirmed to compete. The final two teams will be revealed at a later date. The Red Bull Guardians can be streamed live on Twitch from Oct. 19-20.