Red Bull R1v1R returns for the second time, digitally in the Philippines PC 

DOTA 2 has been a popular MOBA game in the Philippines. Competing with the likes of League of Legends, DOTA 2 has enchanted players due to most of the player base has been playing ever since the classic DOTA 1 series. Since they are familiar with the characters and the mechanics of the game, they just migrated to another game to have more support, feedback and more players to connect with. Well, if fame and glory is another thing in their list, then it is now their time once again to shine because Red Bull R1v1R is back in the Philippines!

What is that, you ask? Red Bull R1v1R is a tournament which contestants are pitted in a custom map based on the classic DOTA 2 Map which offers a fast-paced 1v1 mirror matchup against the two competitors. Remember the top and bottom lanes are disabled while the middle is where you hold your ground. Other facts include that the river runes will 50% chance at spawning on both bottom and top spots of the river.

These runes will be super runes at the 7-minute mark, empowering them to make the game much quicker. Since gold gain is hard, players will be given items at the 5 to 10 minute mark, how they use it is up to them.

And finally, a Divine Rapier, a weapon that is so strong yet contains a hard gamble for the players will arrive at each other's towers at the 15-minute mark. That will be the final push needed to not prolong the game any further. As Divine Rapiers are droppable among death and 2 Divine Rapier is just a recipe for overkill. Therefore, expect the game over at the 15-18 minutes when it happens.

Important thing to note as to why I said that it will only require that amount of time to win the game is that, players need to fulfill one of two requirements in order to win in a round.

First, the player must score 3 kills against their competitor. Which means the player can go full offensive if they want a quick win against the enemy. Other than that, they can go on the easier route and destroy the first enemy tower to score a win.

Some can think of this as the counter-attacking method and a defensive stance. Whatever method you go to, is entirely up to you!

In order to partcipate, you must have a Steam account for you to play DOTA 2 and a Discord account to communicate with the organizers. You need to head this link, . to participate and then join their discord channel, with your discord username as the same as your DOTA 2 username.

But remember to download the map for the competition, which is this one, .

Here are the dates that you need to consider if you are interested in participating:
  • May 8-9 : Mindanao Qualifiers
  • May 15-16 Visayas Qualifiers
  • May 22-23 Luzon Qualifiers
  • May 29 Last Chance Qualifiers
  • May 30 Philippine Finals (to be live streamed at Lupon WXC)
  • June 1 1v1 Show Match with a Member of OG
Yep, you heard that right, if you won against all of these, the final match will be a challenge against an OG member which, if you remember, have won back-to-back The International tournaments!

Imagine if you win against them, then fame and glory awaits you, who knows, you might get scouted if you play great enough, but that's on another note, focus on winning against the enemies first before thinking that way.

This tournament will last all May long so hop in and take a chance if you like, there's nothing to lose but more to gain. Will you be participating int his match? Tell us in the comments below!