Refine System in Ragnarok Online Mobile


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Nov 4, 2018
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★☆☆ Refine System ☆☆★

强化 Basic refinement (or strengthen) : Around level 15+ (forgot)
精炼 Advanced refinement (like classic RO) : Lv30
附魔 Enchantment : Lv35+ (forgot too lmao)

♫♫♫Basic refine (strengthen)♫♫♫

Basic refine unlocked when you get in Prontera and done the simple quest that armor dealer show you.
You can do it anytime ,just click your inventory and click the "强化" button.

You can strengthen as much as you can depends on your level. (You may strengthen your gears to lv20 if you're level 20 , the maximum level of ur basic refinement is followed by your character's level.)
Note: It somehow makes you broke when your level is higher

♫♫♫♫Advanced refine(upgrade) ♫♫♫♫
(yes, the cling clang failed)

Advance refine unlocked when you're level 30.
You need Hollgrehenn(忽克连) to do the job for ya .(yep like classic RO)

You will need Oridecon or Elunium for that. And the bonus you get is different from strengthen system (which only add up ATK or DEF or MATK etc).

Some special gears have their own bonus such as ignore a certain percent of target's DEF , reduce a certain percent of damage you receive.. etc..

Note: It has safety level (not sure how many levels) , if your gear's broken, you need another same gear to repair it (that gear must not have any refinement or enchantment on it). Anyway this is another system that somehow makes you broke too.


(It used to need Mora coin for that...Think they gonna complete this system in OBT)

Unlock the system with this kitty NPC (not sure what level tho, hahahahaha)

Click the "i" button for more info about what bonus you may get.


(WTF with ATK & DEF +1 ,LOL)
Yes, it's depend on your luck (IN REAL LIFE). So if you like gambling you can just play with it. I quit.

You may keep enchanting until you get the bonus you can, and click save. Click the blue cards thing for comparing.

►How to check your strengthen & upgrade level :

The upper number is strengthen level, the lower +number is the upgraded level.
Yea, the lower right corner is cardslot.

★☆☆ Smithing System ☆☆★
(sounds like Sk*rim but.. watever)

Every town have their own smithing NPC and the gear you can make are DIFFERENT!!
(that's why you shouldn't trash your loots and the reason why all those loots are so high priced in auction)

Some of them have nice bonus stats or special effect (not this one , this is just an example I printscreen randomly lol) , making them requires LOT of ingredients or some rare drops.. (that's why some ppl wont close the game lol.. they keep farming the ingredients until 300 minutes or more ,then switch characters to continue farming)


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Nov 4, 2018
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Thanks for the guide, this looks pretty good so far! I have been waiting for a good remake of RO for a long time.

A couple of questions:
1 - Does basic refine go all the way up to max level if you are max level? (Ex. +99 if max level is 99). Does this have the same amount of bonus for all gear or is the +99 higher for better equipment?
2 - Are there ATK, MATK, DEF bonuses for advanced refine as well as special abilities? If so, how much do you get per upgrade compared to basic refine?
3 - Her guide pointed out the card slot but did not elaborate. Do you have any information on how cards work in this game?