Registration for Ashfall's Closed Beta Test is now open, will begin in July

The registration period for Ashfall's first closed beta test, which will take place in July, is currently open. Players may now sign up to take part in the CBT for the upcoming Legendary Star Studios adventure shooter MMORPG.


About the Game​

Originally known as Project: 56, Ashfall made its debut at the Tokyo Game Show in 2022 after changing its name. In a desolate wasteland setting, the game requires players to leave their shelter in search of the fabled key known as the Core of Creation, set out on an adventure, explore the area, gather supplies, fend off enemies, and complete objectives.

A vast artificial intelligence that betrayed humanity and aimed to wipe out all life on Earth except the robots brought about a post-apocalyptic world burnt by nuclear war just as their greatest creation once turned against them. Ashfall provides an engaging online multiplayer gaming environment where players may work together to overcome more challenging stages or play alone to prove their skills.

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Additionally, the game allows cross-platform immersion between PC and mobile devices, enabling players to fully immerse themselves. The original soundtrack for the game, which was created by Steve Mazzaro and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer, will also be featured in a new production documentary that will be unveiled at NetEase Connect 2023.

Players can fill out the test recruitment questionnaire here if they want to take part in the July CBT. The game is currently scheduled to launch in 2023 for PC and mobile, which includes both Android and iOS platforms. We will have to wait patiently since the date has not yet been revealed.