Renowned mobile game Onmyoji is getting its animated series on Netflix

The well-known Onmyoji novel series and games, which include the turn-based fantasy strategy game Onmyoji Arena from NetEase Games, will soon have an anime adaptation on Netflix. Baku Yumemakura’s popular novel has been made into an anime, with distribution and streaming set to happen this 2023, as confirmed by Netflix Japan.


Onmyoji, created by Baku Yumemakura, boasts a collection of fantasy short stories and novels with historical knowledge. It narrates the tale of a fictionalized Abe no Seimei from the Heian era who was an expert in the Onmydo school of traditional Japanese cosmology. Abe no Seimei meets and befriends the unfortunate noble Minamoto no Hiromasa, and the two of them team up to defend the Heian capital's kyou from a feuding onmyoji named Douson who is clandestinely hatching plans to assassinate the emperor.

The series spanned novels and picture books in addition to short stories, and added games named after them. Two of his Onmyoji games inspired by the novel have been released by NetEase. Onmyoji was the first turn-based RPG to be released, followed by Onmyoji Arena, a strategy MOBA that was more popular than its predecessor. It was first announced at the Netflix TUDUM event in September 2022 that Onmyoji would receive the first anime adaptation of a Netflix exclusive.


Although the confirmation says the year, no release date announcement has been made. We'll have to wait and see when the release happens.