Reports suggest Bungie is creating a Destiny mobile game with Netease

Millions of gamers have been drawn into the Destiny universe by its grand storyline and ethereal powers of good and evil. In fact, the world appears distinctly Bungie, full of absurdities but somehow founded in a possible interpretation of reality. While it hasn't always been successful, the Destiny franchise has been providing players with consistent content for years, allowing fans to travel on numerous adventures with their guardians. Currently, there are speculations claiming that Bungie is developing a Destiny mobile game.


There isn't a lot of information available about Bungie's mobile game. While it is unknown if the possible new game would have any of these iconic elements, Destiny's gameplay includes exploration, multiplayer, diverse combat, and unique weapon rolls.

According to The Game Post, several job postings, a collaboration between Bungie and the Chinese firm NetEase, and The Game Post, Bungie is working on a mobile Destiny game. Although details are lacking, it is believed that the mobile game is an FPS. The mobile IP will be a standalone game rather than a sequel to Destiny 2 or its predecessor. Exotic weapons, however, are a key component of gameplay in Destiny 2, and it is unknown whether Bungie would include a similar system in a mobile version of the game.

According to reports, the mobile Destiny game has been in development for more than two years, but it appears that Playstation's recent acquisition of Bungie has accelerated the process.


Additionally, Bungie has reportedly been working on another IP in addition to the portable game. This newfound emphasis on new games should result in gaming experiences that are exciting for gamers while also bringing back fond memories of earlier Bungie games, which is especially important for a mobile Destiny journey. Naturally, Bungie must make sure that ongoing plans, like Destiny 2 Lightfall, are not overlooked.

Overall, though, a mobile Destiny game could be a successful way to attract new players to the Destiny community. While Destiny 2 was briefly accessible through Xbox Cloud Gaming, Bungie does not currently allow mobile gaming for the MMO.


Fans could have adventures whenever they want, wherever, with a portable game. Additionally, although though the game wouldn't be related to the main stream Destiny content, it might offer players a means to engage with the Bungie/Destiny community. Players will actually have to be patient while waiting for further details about the (maybe) future game to become accessible.

Destiny is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.