Reputation System Explained by Trentiny (Umbrella) CN Server


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Nov 4, 2018
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Last maintenance, the developers applied a new system (reputation system) wherein, when reached a certain amount of reputation counts (they say 5), you will have penalty and cannot enter any events.

Reputation will count when: You leave a party while inside a dungeon (ex. oracle or et or thanatos)

Every week, they also applied a dungeon limit (see photo below). You can check in on the new kafra interface in game. Limit as follows:
  • ET - 20 entries/week
  • GR (all doors) - 20 entries/week
  • Thanatos (each floor) - 20 entries/week
  • Oracle (each difficulty) - 20 entries/week
When you FINISH each entry, it will count 1. When u max out your entry chances, you CANNOT enter that dungeon for that week anymore.

  • When doing a run on any dungeon, MAKE SURE U FINISH IT NO MATTER WHAT. Leaving your party without finishing may count as reputation penalty. Hence may lead for u not to be able to join certain events.
  • In oracle dungeon, when you dont like the shuffle, JUST DIE INSIDE. Do not leave for reshuffling
  • In TT, if you want to change team composition, all must LEAVE the tower first and make adjustments outside.
  • You can still run alts but you will have limit which is 20 per week for that dungeon

GOLDEN RULE: JUST DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PARTY WHEN YOU'RE INSIDE. Or else it will be counted against you. Also, when PL, KICKED u from inside, you will be penalized, so don't afk when in a run.
  • ps- penalty is ACCOUNT locked, penalty that applies on one character will apply on all character.
  • 6v6, GvG, WOC, & any quest dungeon will not be limited from this new system.
[Meaning, reputation count wouldnt matter for the aforementioned events]

Explained by: Trentiny (Umbrella)
Transcribed by: purky (Umbrella)