Resident Evil 3 Demo available now in Steam; also in PS4 and Xbox one PC 

The Resident Evil series have been successful for years now and with this generation's graphics becoming better and better it is no surprise that the remastering these types of games have become a great way for CAPCOM to capitalize with the classic zombie game of the decade. Well, the latest gameplay footage of the Resident Evil 3 Remake was uploaded and boy it was pretty amazing and terrifying! Here take a look of someone trying out the game!

Now that seems to be fun since Nemesis really will try and do his best to live up to the expectations of the fans, being a nemesis, of course! Now with the pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease or COVID-19 some people have been wanting to try and experience the game, even for a bit. Fear not! It seems that CAPCOM has announced the demo of the game available on Steam, as well as the respective home consoles, PS4 and XB1. Check their tweet here!

This news has been well-received by fans who are anticipating the game after the massive success of the previous remake, Resident Evil 2 which received tons of praises and awards in the previous year. So if you have the time, space and have been hyping to play the game when you saw the trailer of the game, give it a shot! I know I would if I have the gaming rig to play it. Sigh, but how about you? Tell us below in the comments!