Resident Evil 8 Update: The Most Gruesome Among The Series? PC 

Resident Evil game series by far is considered the pioneer of the horror/survival genre and perhaps the most successful of all its contemporaries. Despite being one of the longest-running series, Capcom never let the game franchise have its dull moments by putting fresh new content and a brand new twist on its newest installments.

After creating remakes for their classic titles Resident Evil 2 and 3 that enjoyed by many, it seems the team behind Resident Evil keeps the ball rolling as news of the upcoming 8th installment is creating noises all around.

According to the game insider from Twitter namely Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 8 will be the most "darkest and gruesome" among all Resident Evil titles yet. This is still unconfirmed by Capcom and we are not sure whether if it's about the gameplay or the character designs but several updates, leaks, and news have been circulating since then that all seems reasonable to keep our hopes high.

From Biohazard Declassified, more leaks have been given about Resident Evil 8. These include the retaining of the FPS view from RE7, the setting which will be in snowy mountains, the return of the titular zombie enemies, the appearance of Chris Redfield, a shadowy female enemy that will trail the players until it was shot, and Ethan from RE7 will be the main playable MC. Again, these are unconfirmed from the game developer but it should be noted that Resident Evil franchise somewhat has the tendency to repeat and recycle game mechanics from their previous works which making the abovementioned claim to have a glint of veracity.

But putting aside the rumors and leaks, the other potential possibility for Resident Evil 8 is to have its own VR mode which lets the player experience a surreal horror and action upon plunging into the world of the undead with only their guns and wits at their disposal. With the introduction of next-generation consoles, we might expect the graphics to be groundbreaking and perhaps will also capitalize on the brand new features of the newest consoles that will be released soon.

The biggest claim (but still unconfirmed) is that RE8 is slated for next year to be released. In the meantime, let's keep our eyes peeled and wait patiently before we can continue shooting bullets and surviving another zombie apocalypse in the world of Resident Evil.