Resident Evil: Death Island Movie is coming this summer 2023

Resident Evil: Death Island, a CG sequel movie to Resident Evil: Vendetta, is set to debut in 2023. But before it launches, folks can already see a preview of it with its first teaser trailer being released, revealing the challenges Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy will face in the upcoming movie.


Although we don't yet know the exact release date, Resident Evil: Death Island's first information reveals a plot that will send our heroes to San Francisco to deal with a zombie epidemic, and Alcatraz seems to hold the key to resolving this catastrophe.

This trailer is extremely condensed. It spends 30 seconds showcasing some of the movie Resident Evil: Death Island's key characters, settings, and enemies. The action starts on Alcatraz Island. Zombies are shambling through the prison in large numbers.


Then, we see Leon S. Kennedy on the street while he checks his phone and examines documents that detail Alcatraz and note that several infected individuals, including a guy by the name of Shiosawa, visited the jail. A coffee cup with the name "Rebecca" on it is then seen being set down; this could be a reference to Rebecca Chambers. Then, we catch a glimpse of Chris Redfield appearing to board a ferry for Alcatraz.


The footage becomes more ominous after that. A cage of mutant, diseased creatures is let loose underwater. Zombies can be found everywhere over the prison, attacking guests. In the shadows, a short-haired woman may also be seen walking down a stairway. Jill Valentine appears to be firing practice shots at the very end.

Eiichiro Hasumi of Assassination Classroom and Makoto Fukami of Psycho-Pass wrote the screenplay for Resident Evil: Death Island. It will be the fourth entry in the popular video game franchise's CG animated film series. Resident Evil: Degeneration from 2008 and Resident Evil: Damnation from 2012 were the first two movies in the series.


Summer 2023 will see the release of Resident Evil: Death Island outside of Japan.