Resistance Build Paladin by AldriX (Lord Knight and Crusader)


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Sep 20, 2018
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Swordsman- 9bash, 1magnum,10hp,10prov, 10Endure

Crusader-10 SpearMas, 10AG, 5 Devo,5 S.Charge,9 SC,
1 Peco Riding

Paladin- 5 SB, 9 Reflect, 10RS, 5Grace, 10Faith, 10SC

BreakThrough Skills- 15 SB, 20 spear Mastery, 10 Reflect, 5 Peco Riding and 5 Sacri ☺

Why I did get this Skills?
*Risky Shelter- This is to protect my Team/Party on Ambush with 60% Damage in 10 seconds

*Faith- This is to protect me for 50% damage of GrandCross or Holy Damage

*Peco Riding- so that my Normal attack speed will be normalized while im using Sacri

*Sacrifice- this is to kill those pesky Snipers and Stalkers if we cant hit them with our Shields due to low Hit Rate (if Sacri buff will be fix). but still i will be aiming for 400 Hit Rate.

  • Armor- HP and Hit
  • Garment- Vit, Hit and Magic Reduce
  • Shoes- Vit,Hit and Magic Reduce
  • Acces- Pboni with Melee Atk OR Pboni with Hit
  • Weapon-Pboni with Melee Atk Or Pboni with Hit

  • As shown in the Picture except for:
  • Shoes- Staunch Boots, HHB, HFS OR WarBoots
  • Tail- Fox Tail or Wolf Tail

CARDS for Woe/PVP (Ideals)
  • Shield- HO and Marc Card
  • Armor- Thara
  • Garment- Myst/Raydric/Jakk
  • Shoes-Ferus
  • Acces1- Zipper Bear Star Card
  • Acces2-Horong
  • Weapon- Hydra Card
  • Headgear- Mummy Star Card

Prioritized- SB, SCharge Hit and Stun, Hp, Def, Hit, Devo, Rage of Berserk

Later- Spear, Vit, SC.. And the Rest ☺

Legion Guild