Restricted Chat Mode FAQs


Elite Gamer
Nov 4, 2018
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  • What happened to my chat function?
Summoners penalized will have limited chat ability in a game starting with 3 chances to chat with team mates. As the game starts, you will be able to unlock more chances to chat every 4 minutes. Be careful not to use up all your chat opportunities because only 5 at a time can be used, after that you have to wait for the 4 minute cooldown. Use your chat wisely.

  • I can't chat with the enemy team.
The all chat feature is also unavailable to summoners under this mode. You will still see chat exchange from team mates and the enemy team.
  • How can I coordinate with my team with limited chat?
You may use the Smart Ping to communicate with team mates, this way you can save time and chat privileges. Make use of your chat wisely and only chat to team mates the most important objectives of your team instead of spamming unnecessary vulgar words.

  • How long will I be under Chat Restriction?
In order to graduate from Restricted Chat Mode, you have to play and finish a number of games that will be shown when you log in your client. You will also be notified of how many games you have already played while in Restricted Chat. Custom games will not count, only match made games will be tallied.