Rev Major Rae Lil Black, GTA VI Role Playing, One Piece Gear 5, Video Game Dolls, CoD MW3, FFVII Ever Crisis and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss Role Playing in Video Games, Rev Major Rae Lil Black, One Peace Gear 5, Call of Duty MW3, Honor of Kings Provider leak, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, and Life like video game dolls.

Rev Major Rae Lil Black
Are you guys familiar with Rev Major Philippines? Rev Major is a tournament focused on the Fighting games scene so if you are a fighting games fan this event is for you! For the 2023 event, it will be held on September 30 until October 1, 2023. So they will do this at SMX Convention Center, in Metro Manila. So what's new? Well basically they have announced several guests and special guests. But one of the biggest that piqued my interest is when they announced Rae Lil Black is one of the special guests, Yes? To those who don't know she's a pro! Maybe not on the fighting scene maybe she plays I don't know! But she's a pro on her own merit. One thing is for sure though “mapapalban” ang Fighting Games Community. And I'm very curious about how many rounds they can do against Rae Lil Black, maybe one round? No more stamina? But if you are interested in the 2023 event, it will be held on September 30 until October 1, 2023, at SMX Convention Center, in Metro Manila.

GTA VI Role Playing
Are guys familiar with role-playing? How about role-playing in video games? Not the RPG one. Basically, you jump into the game and you become that character, method acting to the finest. If you are a fire-breathing dragon act like it! If not you get banned. This genre is actually super popular, you can watch Filipino streamers with tons of views doing this . Have you seen any? Especially in the GTA V scene, they even have a multiplayer mod for this and several RP servers are active. In the Philippines, the majority of the RP that I see either have a singing contest, campfire chats where they talk about love life (of course), and even flip top. On a side note, if you like GTA role-play, according to Dexerto its suspected that GTA 6 will have creator role-play features baked in, so no need for mod? According to dexerto this information was shared on the GTA forums via a respected insider. Here is what the insider said: The tools allow for a variety of enhancements, detail to the game world with weapons, NPC scenarios, behavior of security guards, and more. TLDR: Given the popularity of GTA RP, it would make sense for Rockstar to try to be more involved or even monetize off of role-playing experiences. Would you be interested in starting a rp server?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
Let's start with a bang because publisher Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games have announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
Did you play MW2? Or other CoD games? It will launch on November 10, It also revealed Makarov will be the main bad guy, well to be fair this was hinted at on the MW2 or if you play the no-remake version. So if you are excited! No Russian on Nov 10! And also spoiler a lot of fan-favorite characters will die

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
After several close beta, Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will release on September 7. This is a mobile game so it will arrive for both iOS and Android. If you are interested the pre-registration is available now on both platforms. In Ever Crisis you can relive the most memorable moments from Final Fantasy VII and experience the journey of a young hero Sephiroth. You will also experience both classic and new stories within the Final Fantasy VII universe. The action unfolds through the characters in a modern-stylized polygon look, inspired by the original Final Fantasy VII. You can team up your favorite characters and customize each one with iconic gear and weapons to defeat powerful opponents in Solo or Co-op battle mode. Lead your group of friends from around the world with up-to three-member cooperative battles to defeat powerful bosses together!

HoK Provider Penalties
One of the providers for Honor of Kings seems to be on hot water because apparently the provider operating by the name of MESSAGE Technology has been involved in leaking some of the game content online. So this happened because of an inadequate employee management training. Basically, an employee took advantage of the situation and secretly leaked the content online. So the employee has been fired from the position of responsibility. Since this incident caused a financial loss to the project partners the company has further plans to sue the employee and pursue legal action to recover the losses. Even the manager is affected for example the penalties like reductions in quarterly bonuses, full salary, and performance-based pay will be in effect for the manager
departmental manager will also receive the same fate. As for the company here is the statement “The company stated that it would be willing to accept a penalty equivalent to three times the annual revenue from all orders placed with the company in a bid to cover up for the losses incurred due to the incident”. The game is so big they have to this in those lengths just tp appease the overlords

Project L Confirmed Characters
Several days ago we talked about Project L, just a quick recap this is a fighting game based on the League of Legends characters. During the Evo event, the playable characters are Ahri, Yasuo, Darius, and Ekko, Yasuo was the teased character. So by right so far Darius, Ahri, Jinx, Katarina, Ekko, Illaoi (alawi), and Yasuo. On a side note their PS5 USB ports reportedly ‘melted’ at Evo 2023 esports tournament. Several posts were shared but the most notable one was from the current AR engineer at Google. Not sure how and why? But imagine if you bring your fight stick then the ports melted, is this converted by a refund policy?

One Piece Gear 5
If you watch One Piece, it had a very big episode basically Gear 5 was revealed. It felt like a national event at this point but not everyone is happy
Because according to Anime Senpai (a reliable source) an Attack on Titan fan created 300 fake accounts for the sake of review bombing episode 1071. Yes one piece it's at episode 1071 and it might still takes years to finish. The review bomber posted the accounts on Twitter the plan is to do it on IMDB. Not sure what happened but one thing happened for sure. Because of the One Piece episode, the servers of crunchy roll crashed due to the demand, temporarily though.

Game Dolls
Because I watch too much Asmongold I was enlighted about the game dolls on one of his clip. Basically, there are life-size video game characters that you can buy. So the characters range from Ciri, Lucy of Cyber Punk Edge Runners, Tifa, Nier 2B, Jill Valentine at Mama of Death Stranding. I did some research and they can cost around $2,949.85 or around 123k PHP. Based on popularity the best-sellers are Ellie of Last of Us, Jill Valentine, Ciri then Yennefer. For around 250~400 usd you can even buy accessories. Accessories revolve around alternate outfits, shoes, and more. Before you ask me if they are soft yes they are in fact they are made with TPE and silicone and since they are very life-like you might be interested or curious about what are they for.
well the simplest answer sometimes is the right one. You dress them, clean them, date them if you want, but most of all love them like your own girlfriends


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