Rev up in Overwatch 2 with a Porsche-inspired Legendary D.Va skin, and more!

Guild of Guardians
In Season 10, we’re joining Porsche for a new in-game collaboration, featuring a Legendary D.Va skin inspired by the new Macan Electric.


This collaboration will feature multiple new cosmetics and two Legendary skins, with the D.Va skin unveiled over the weekend. D.Va is not only incredibly cool, but with her mech’s functional and immediately identifiable design, she felt like the perfect Hero to kick-off Overwatch 2’s next collaboration. And as a character in-universe, her love for engineering and constantly improving Tokki connected her right away with attention to detail and care of Porsche. We know you’ll love her new skin as much as we do!


The back of D.Va’s mech is inspired by the design language of the all-new Porsche Macan Electric.

Beyond the in-game collaboration, you can visit the Porsche Full Service installation at Brazos Hall at 204 E. 4th St. through March 12 to see a life-sized 7ft statue of D.Va’s Porsche skin, created by Onyx Forge Studios. And keep your eyes open, as D.Va may be traveling to more gaming events later this year!


Known for innovation and groundbreaking design, we are thrilled to embody the essence of Porsche in this collaboration. The second skin, additional cosmetics, and full event details will be unveiled after the launch of Season 10.

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