RF Online Developer CCR plans a new global server that will feature virtual currencies

Developer CCR is back with an announcement for a global project.

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Recently, developer CCR announced that they are back with an announcement of a global project for the classic MMORPG, RF Online.

There seems to be a global server that CCR is currently developing. As of now, it is known as a “Battle Coin” server where a “seasons” system will be introduced. With this server, after each season ends, the max level cap will increase. New missions and other content will be added as well.

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Players of the new global server will acquire virtual currencies such as Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum(ETH). They will obtain the virtual currencies through airdrop after each mission. There’s also a race that will be known as “Level Up Race” which will give rewards to players after each season ends.

Add to that, if you’ve missed the news, Netmarble is working on a mobile version of RF Online. Stay tuned for more updates!
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