RF Online Mobile in Development as Netmarble acquires IP Rights of the Classic MMORPG Android 

Are you familiar with this classic Korean 3D MMORPG, RF Online? Maybe not. While popular games such as Ragnarok Online, Flyff, or Cabal were dominating the MMORPG scenes during that time, RF Online (Rising Force) was still able to create a solid fan base since its 2004 debut in Korea and 2006 NA/EU release. But, two days ago, Netmarble was able to acquire all the rights to the game's IP from its original developer, CCR.

RF Online Mobile.png

For those who don't know, CCR started as a student venture in 1995 in internet research and development and even participated in projects such as South Korea's Shinsegi Telecom’s I-touch system (Now SK Telecom). They developed and launched the free-to-play RF Online from 2004-2006 until things went sour and the initial ODIN TEAM stopped working on the game.

RF Online Mobile a.png

The game got relaunched multiple times and thanks to different publishers who made their own servers, the game remained alive even until today. The most noticeable of them is Playpark who relaunched it in the Philippines. Going back to Netmarble's acquisition of the IP tho, you might probably be wondering what will happen now to the existing servers.

RF Online Mobile b.png

Well, for now, NOTHING's going to happen and the existing RF Online servers will still operate normally. But, of course, they're now all bound to any decision that Netmarble will make towards the game. This may sound bad, but the good news is Netmarble's team, Netmarble N2, is working on the mobile version of the game, and RF Online's original fans were already curious.

“We are expecting to be able to provide new and more unique games to users by combining RF Online’s IP, which has been loved by domestic and foreign fans for a long time, with its mobile game development and service capabilities.”
--Kwon Young-sik, Netmarble CEO
RF Online Mobile c.png

Although there were no more updates revealed regarding the Netmarble's future decisions and the development of its mobile version, we can already look forward to another revival of a classic game. Cabal Online, Ragnarok, Flyff, and other more classic MMOs have already received revival thru mobile porting, so I guess RF Online deserves one too.

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What do you think of this Netmarble's move? Do you think this game be a future hit? Are you also one of the original RF Online fans looking forward to this game? Tell us your thoughts below.