RF Online Next will release in 2024 for PC and Mobile! New details, in-game screenshots, and more

The next iteration of the RF franchise by the South Korean publisher Netmarble and developer Netmarble N2 is on its way, with newly released trailers and screenshots on what to expect with the visuals and gameplay.


As per the game description, RF Online Next is a massively multiplayer online RPG that will acquire the original universe of the RF franchise, embarking on the ongoing narrative of national warfare in the vastness of the cosmos. Players will be dressed in biomechanical suits and go on a series of sci-fi-themed action-packed adventures, engage in epic realm vs. realm large-scale battles for key resources, pilot giant robots, and cooperatively defeat the large-scale bosses.


There will be a total of six unique biosuits, where players can freely choose one and switch on other suits later on based on the battle situation. Aside from the suits, players can also summon or pilot giant mechs to accompany them during battles, especially during the battles against bosses that appear throughout the universe of RF Online Next.


On top of that, RF Online Next features a free-flight system such as altitude changes, boosts, dynamic landings, and hovering, which allows players to move and explore the vastness of the RF world promptly. This feature is also a way to balance the overall gameplay experience of the game.


During Korea’s largest video game trade and consumer events, G-STAR 2023, the under-development MMORPG RF Online Next was featured for a demo. They showcased the Story Mode of RF Online Next, where users can delve into the story of the main character through high-quality cinematic cutscenes. The Story Mode begins with the main character’s childhood and jumps forward to his adult life, where he interacts with key figures in the Novas Faction and the appearance of other key characters from the original RF Online.


In addition, RF Online Next features the Monster Wave, an event mode with a roguelike element where players will have to survive various monsters that will spawn in a specialized arena with portals for eight rounds. Before entering the battle, players will have to choose one of the three biosuits available and defeat the monsters using their abilities. Before each round begins, players will be given 40 seconds to choose event cards that revamp the biosuit's abilities and stats.

Fans who were able to try the game had a mixed reaction. According to reports, although the game showcased impressive graphics and a high level of realism, fans also expressed their disappointment with the buttons and controls and the fact that the demo did not feature the anticipated realm vs. realm mode.


Nevertheless, they still find the game interesting, as it is still under development and open for improvement until its official release in 2024 for PC and Mobile.