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Oct 21, 2019
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Serenity Games
Hello guys, We like to offer you our service in writing & editing RF online game script. We don’t have such package price. The price is depend on its difficulty. We can also help you in making of the game concept. Here’s our service:

1. Custom Level Cap & Rate

2. Custom Skin Color as Request

3. Custom Glow Effect as Request

4. New Map & Monster

5. Custom Item Store List

6. Custom Drop List

7. Custom Combine Item

8. Custom Upgrade Rate & Total

9. Daily & Permanent Quest

10. Custom Cash Shop

11. Remove or Add New NPC

12. Custom NPC Model

13. Custom Safezone

14. Cash Shop Regen Feature

15. Custom Cash Shop List

16. Custom Portal

17. Edit or Add New Equip

If you want to order our service or have a question, please reach us through skype: ‘Serenity Games’

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