RF Online Project Sequel, Counter Strike 2 Features and System Requirements, Diablo 4 Impressions, Witcher 4 Spinoff and Nier Anime Delay

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discusses about RF Online MMO Sequel called the RF Project, Diablo 4 Initial Impressions, The Nier Automata Anime Delay, New Counter Strike 2 specs and features, and finally the Witcher Spinoff "Project Sirius".

Nier Anime​

Is there anyone who likes to watch anime here? How about the Nier Automata Anime? Anyway for a second time, I think the new episodes of the anime are delayed According to the official post, they have decided on the subsequent episodes, main reason covid. Seems like the production team was impacted.

So far fan reception of the game is solid as usual I haven't watched it but I religiously played the games. Out of curiosity has anyone played the game? Or anything related to its franchise? The game has multiple endings on every play through.

Counter-Strike 2 Features and System Specs​

We were just talking about the rumors last time? But its official! After a flood of rumor Valve has finally confirmed the new version of counter strike. The next era of counter strike is simply named as counter strike 2.

So what are the new changes?
  • Responsive Smoke
    • Its now more natural
    • Volumetric objects now interact with the environment
    • Reacts to lighting, gunfire, and explosions can affect it
  • Tick Rate
    • If you are playing FPS tick rates are important so the server can match the client fps but now according to Valve this no longer matters
    • They move to sub-tick updates
    • Meaning server know when the exact instant a motions starts like movement and firing
  • Graphics
    • To put it simply the maps are much more detailed and brighter as they are using the new source engine 2
    • Infact some maps got rebuilt from the group up so not just ovehaurls
    • Since they are using source 2 what happened is hte lighting is much better so lesser plastic feeling on some materials
    • Aside from graphics update visuall elements or vfx got huge bump also
    • With some UI enhancements too
  • Audio
    • According to valve they reworked, rebalance, and reverb the game audio
    • This is to better reflect the environment
  • The most important part of the update are the skins
    • According to valve the entire inventory of csgo you collected will be there
    • And even get high res visuals
Valve also announce source 2 tools will be available for the public so you can create your own map (maybe copy some valorant maps). Counter Strike 2 will be a free upgrade and will be released this summer (Jun to Sept)

RF Project​

On the next topic we have another mobile game, but before that has anyone played RF online? How was it whats is your class and race? Do you want a reboot or a sequel?

If you are fan of the game and have been following the news.
  • Around 2016 Netmarble trademarked RF Online 2
  • Then in the same year, Locojoy got the publishing rights for the Chinese market
  • Around January the old global RF server was refactored to have Bitcoin and Ethereum, Not sure what that meant but seems to be a literal mining
But the biggest news was last January 2022 when Netmarble launched a teaser trailer of the game. In the press event Netbarble together with the press in Korea. TLDR they announce the RF Project.

With development being handled by the A3 Still Alive. Not much is known about the game but it's confirmed to be in development for both PC and Mobile. With features like changing “country and class” sounds like the country is related to race.

Netmarble also promised they will not be changing much of the original features for nostalgic purposes. Basically confirming it will still be sci-fi, with robots like acrecia and mau. Like the original with new experience, sounds like they understand their core audience.

That information was from 2022 after that hiatus. But recently during the Game Developer conference, there is a new update. Basically, Netmarble confirms that RF Project will be a cross-platform MMORPG… blockchain game. Web 3 and Play to Earn not sure sa NFT part.

So much for not changing core features


Remember when CR Project Red announce new projects.
  • New Witcher games on Unreal Engine 5
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel
  • And our topic Project Sirius which is basically a spin off
Did anyone play any of this games? Yes there is another spinoff game. I might be reading too much in to this but Project “Siri”us is the place holder title. Based from this we know where the story will revolve to.

The devs claimed it will be an unforgettable storey and an innovative take on the witcher franchise. However, if you are excited to this game badnews! Because recently the studio behind the witcher spinoff has informed the investors they are taking a step back and being re evaluted

The reasoning might be..., Not sure due to lack of knowledge on finances but might related to money. Money in a sense of cost and possible profit. Another part seems like the development aim is to do live service with multiplayers aspects. We all know what happens on live service game. With co-cop and procedurally generated parts and narrative.

So it will sill have narrative components but wont be the conventional RPG we know, But what do you think?

Diablo 4​

What are your beta Impressions and gameplay experience? Did you encounter any problems like connectevity while loading the game on beta? (Blizzard confirms this wont change thought).

What are the monetization potential you noticed are there too much skins and battle pass? How about the Class balance do you think the Wizard is OP while the Barbarians feels weak? Do you think the dungeons are repetitive with lots of back and forth?

Are there any other controversies for example the GPUs are bricking, and finally what are the good things about the Diablo 4 beta experience?


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