Ride The Sand With Khaleed: A Newbie Guide For The Desert Scimitar

Khaleed is the newest addition to the colorful and diverse heroes of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that now immediately catapulted into one of the trending heroes in every match starting his debut this month.

Khaleed Guide a.jpg

But despite his skills that obviously become the new meta in this season, many players still didn't get the hang of this desert fighter especially his combo must be pull off with precision to reap kills in the game.

So to help you understand how to use the Desert Scimitar to become a fearsome presence in every match, here are some newbie guides that you should follow to get your next Savage.

How To Rage Like A Raging Sandstorm

Khaleed's ulti is among the skills that really look catchy to watch especially when he rides then sand and slam it to his enemies to deal stun and damage. But this is not just for the sake of being flashy; Raging Sandstorm is an important skill you need to use wisely and accurately.

Use his ulti with a little bit of element of surprise since enemies can see it when it's incoming. Timed its activation and make use of proper position especially in the Jungle area which is a good spot to start the sand surfing to catch your opponents off-guard. Make sure to hit not just one but every opponent for maximum damage. Also, team up with your Tank with good CC skills to unleash a hellish wombo combo for a total team wipeout.

A tip here also when you are getting caught in an all-out clash with your health in red, you can also use this skill to escape death since it can cross over walls. In addition to this, his ulti is a good choice for clash initiation so don't be shy when all your teammates are rallying behind you for a fight.

Spin To Win With Sand

Sand Tornado is an essential part of Khaleed's combo. It is his go-to skill for minion and lane clearing so use it accordingly. You can reposition Khaleed as you use this skill to have a better position during the fight and prevent your combo from being interrupted. Make the most of this skill in your attack and ensure it will land to your enemy.

The Sand Is My Guard

Quicksand Guard is what makes Khaleed unique from other Fighter because this skill makes him durable with long-lasting survivability without going back to your base every now and then. Use to keep you going for lane push after clash or to keep farming instead of recalling. Timing is also an important part of using this skill since it can be a lifesaver due to its regen and defense effect. Be careful though where you will activate it because Khaleed will become a sitting duck for MM or Mage when he activates Quicksand Guard.

Walking In The Hot Sand

Khaleed's passive is a good chasing skill since it will make him dash as well as slow down multiple opponents with enhancing auto-attack. To prevent your enemies to avoid your kills, make it sure to land properly your sand trail to your opponents to secure your kill or help your teammates finish them.

Due to his nature as combo-based Fighter, go for items that reduce CD like Bloodlust Axe which also boost his attack and spell vamp. Going for an assassin build is possible but fill in the squishy Khaleed with HP and defense based items to avoid early deaths in the early part of the game.