Ride to Valhalla: A Guide for Freya

Freya is a hero in Mobile Legends that represents a Valkyrie in the Nordic Mythology in real life literature, renowned for their prowess in the battlefield, it is no wonder that Freya is one of the fighters in the game. But mythology aside, how does she fare in the game, how does one fully maximize their abilities in the Land of Dawn? Today we will take a look at Freya!

Freya is a fighter that has a strong affinity to both durability and damage. Able to use both, he can either be proficient in one or the other, or mix them both to become a tough bruiser, able to tough out teamfights but still able to create massive impact in terms of damage. Knowing these, we can surmise the builds that we can think of and items that you can mix and match. But for now, let us see her innate powers, her abilities.


Passive: Power of Einherjar

This passive is really useful for her and you can say it makes her strong. Vital to the battlefield, Freya, once she casts a skill, will her sword glow brightly and in every 2 basic attacks will grant her a stack which greatly increases her attack speed. But there's more, those stacks will count as a stack of Sacred Orb. These orbs will empower her abilities that makes it more powerful once unleashed in combat. Look at the indicator below her hitpoints to see how much Sacred Orbs you have. The maximum stacks for the attack speed is 6 and Sacred Orbs is 3.

1st Skill: Leap of Faith
Jumping from above, this ability inflicts area of effect damage plus pulling to the center of the impact, making them easier to focus AoE spells and projectiles! Leap of Faith provides both damage and utility to Freya's teammates when team fights occur. Imagine this, it's a tough battle and enemies are closer together but not close enough for your teammates that have projectiles and other AoE spells that will clearly devastate the enemy. Freya can leap in the middle and converge the enemy for your teammates to capitalize it.

But there's more! When Freya's Sacred Orbs are used in this ability, the damage will increase either by 120%/160%/200% depending on how many orbs used in that ability. Finally, Leap of Faith will stun enemies that are in the radius of the skill. Which is vital so that they will not separate to avoid you and your teammates' strike. If used correctly, this skill is valuable in clashes.

2nd Skill: Spirit Combo
Something more defensive but still very useful for Freya. Spirit Combo makes Freya dash forward and she gains a shield. then dealing damage and slowing enemies by 30% for 0.5 second. This ability is good for charging in to ensure that a teamfight will ensue with your shield protecting your from enemy fire.

Using Sacred Orbs can make her more tanky and aggressive by recasting this ability by up to 4 times. By the 4th time Freya recasted this skill, she will use a hammer that will make enemies airborne for 0.5 seconds. This is very helpful if you have teammates that have special skills that depends if you are airborne. Because if you have those, you can coordinate with them and with your Freya initiating the airborne, you and your teammate can combo for damage.

Ultimate: Valkyrie Descent
Nothing wrong with a little bit power, right? Anyways, this ability will unleash the true valkyrie of Freya. Gain 3 Sacred Orbs and gain a shield that will absorb damage together with an additional 30 physical damage with a splash attack that last 10 seconds. This burst is very useful for duels and teamfights. But be careful if you use this ability, don't instantly pop this if you know you will win because it would be a waste of an ultimate. For you to maximize this ability, use it if you are losing in a duel to have a shield and additional attack to overpower an enemy. In terms of team fights, do it when you are close to multiple enemies and either you are being focused at or you can hit a lot of enemy heroes with your splash attacks. This would last 10 seconds so make the most of it!

Champion Affinities

Freya despite being a strong fighter will have ups and downs still. You just need to be careful and analyze your team composition and the enemies' to have an advantage against them.

Compatible with
Heroes that can give you more durability and strength in times of need are very useful for Freya. These teammates would be nice to have as a support or someone in the team fight that will assist your team to overcome the enemy. Such heroes include Angela, Estes and Rafaela, but if you know other teammates that can give such durability boost is good.

Strong Against
Squishies are a good choice for focusing as Freya. Exploit their positions and capitalize on their mistakes to ravage them before they escape. Odette, Irithiel and Pharsa are such heroes that can be focused on to ensure victory. Mages and marksman are weak if their positions are compromised or they are too aggressive enough to kill them before their teammates can come in to the rescue. If you know that, use it well in the battlefield.

Weak Against
Crowd control is a pain and Freya knows that. Being durable is one thing but if you keep getting CCed at, then the enemy can thin out your health before you can react, therefore, having to avoid or outwit these heroes would be wise to bring down them. Chou, Franco and Esmeralda are such enemies that are hard to beat with. But if you know how they operate, outsmart them and you will negate their strengths.

Lane Strategy and Jungle Tidbits

Solo lane is great for Freya. Taking all the experience and gold is one way to ramp up your skills and be able to pull off. Having the advantage will let you beat down your enemies easily. Finish up the minions that arrive in your lane and buy a Wooden Mask (Roam) to quickly level up. You can also go to the jungle and farm up gold to get your items faster. However, let your teammates get the buff, someone like an assassin, mage or marksman to have them an advantage in their own lanes.


Skills and strategy are half of the battle but having a great set of items are the other half. Sometimes, a seasoned player can do great with a Freya but if you are weak at item optimization then in the long run, Freya will have a weaker chance against the opponents. So in order to win every battle, you must learn how to optimize your items in accordance to the team composition of the enemy and yours as well to have an idea what role will Freya need to compensate or strengthen.

Endless Battle
Mana Regeneration and Additional HP are good. Additional Damage, Mobility are better. But life steal and 2 passives that let you have more damage in your basic attack which procs a mobility boost now that is perfect for Freya! One of the must-buys for her.

Blade of Despair

Mobility and damage is key to Freya. This item gives both and a passive that lets you finish off the enemy when it is already low on HP. Vital for Freya to avoid being in danger of duels and capitalize chasing off escaping squishies.

Brute Force Breastplate

More mobility and now with durability. Surviving long fights and having defense enough to get to the enemies is key for Freya's victory. The passive also works well since it can proc on both basic attacks and skills which Freya will usually use to battle enemies.

Queen's Wings

Little bit of CDR in my life, a little bit of damage by my side, a little bit of HP's what I need, a little bit of passive that is unique. Sing it in Mambo No. 5 and that's what this item does to Freya. Durability, damage and cooldown reduction to spam more abilities. The passive also makes Freya survive long in a tough fight!

Malefic Roar

Reduced turret damage for split pushing with the addition of giving more damage and having more armor penetration. You can never go wrong with this item with Freya. Either you plan to split push for the team to overturn a losing battle or brutalizing enemies with your strong attack and armor penetration, if you plan to go full hardcore damage, this item is for you.


Legends never die and Freya is a valkryie, a legend in the Norse myths, therefore this is a great item for her! Jokes aside, this item will grant her more durability and resurrects Freya when she has been beaten, but be careful as it has a 180 cooldown.

Berserker's Fury

There's nothing wrong with more damage, but critical hits? Now that's sweet. Berserker's Fury is an item if Burst Freya is your thing. Having additional attack and a higher critical chance will make Freya's damage hurt so much, they might avoid confronting you at all! With its passive that deals stronger critical damage and a unique passive increases damage, Freya will be an offensive beast with this item around.

Magic Boots

A staple for more combo bursts. Freya can use this kind of boots to of course, increase mobility and lower cool downs.

Pick your poison in these items and itemize your Freya in terms of the situation, team composition and your strengths as a player.


Having proper spells can be useful in a pinch. Put one wrong spell in your slots and see how many wasted opportunities you can see if you only used a certain spell. Anyways, there are 3 spells that you can use with Freya that is very applicable to her.

Impactful on team fights and avoiding fallen turrets are key to victory if you are playing as Freya. So arrival will be nice to conduct them in different lanes, helping your teammates help you win games.


A situational spell, this is key if you have tons of enemies with crowd control effects, if you can predict those in blinds or you see them being picked in the champion select in ranked, you know the drill!


A staple to all, having the means to chase and escape will always be crucial in the battlefield, as for someone like Freya, rushing in the battlefield to create a strong impact or escaping to fight another day is key to avoid strengthening the enemy by giving it more kills than it should have.

Emblem Set

As for the emblem set, go for 3 points in Bravery and select those that affect your physical damage. After that, choose Invasion and allocate 3 points also to get physical penetration, then make sure to get Festival of Blood to have spell vamp (gain lifesteal by using skills) to maximize Freya's ability to use skills in the battlefield.


A strong fighter dictates the battlefield in initiating teamfights, supporting allies by using their skills to CC the enemy or engage in them by being the meat shield for them. Freya can be the one that does that if used properly in fights. Whether you prefer the tanky side, the balanced build or the burster one, as long as you know her strengths and weaknesses, the Valkyrie can shine above all else. With this knowledge, will you be playing Freya soon. Tell us in the comments below together with your thoughts or other build as Freya.


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I’ve tried Freya and she is strong but very squishy even if you go full def build =(
Well Burst Freya is not much of a popular choice anyways... It's a niche choice for those that can do it or wants something different from her