Ring of Elysium Steam Q&A


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Mar 24, 2015
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Dear ROE players:

We are glad to share with you the ROE team’s current development and optimization progress. Not long after the game first went live, a number of bugs appeared. We are truly sorry for this. To make things transparent and up-to-date, we are starting a Q&A series in hope of keeping the player base informed about our game optimization process, and creating a means of communication between players and developers.

For this Q&A, we will answer some questions and issues from around the time when ROE first went live.

Q1: Unable to move game perspective with mouse.
A: Sorry that this happened. We have already patched this in the bug fix. The issue will be resolved by simply updating the game client to the latest version. Once again, we sincerely apologize for letting such a low-level mistake occur during the first day of early access.

Q2: Full screen mode.
A: Right now, the game can be played in the borderless-windowed mode. The actual full-screen mode doesn’t fit well with DBCS input for character names (such as Chinese, Thai and Japanese). And since the Steam version currently only allows English names, we avoided the issue by sticking with borderless for now. We are working on implementing the true full-screen mode and will bring it to the players in the future.

Q3: About low frames
A: Our development team has noticed the low frames issue on the snow map. This is due to the size of the snow map being larger and more complicated than the island map, which brings a greater test to the GPU and CPU load. We will do our best to optimize this and keep you updated through the official channels in a timely manner.

In addition, some players with high end PC specs experienced low frames per second as well. We recommend the following check-ups:

(1) Check if the integrated graphics card is being used. We can turn on the usage of dedicated graphics card through the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD's control panel. At the same time, NVIDIA and AMD will soon provide support in their drivers to solve this issue, so the game will default to the use of dedicated graphics card.

(2) Check if advanced anti-aliasing is being used: the performance cost of advanced anti-aliasing is very high, and the standard anti-aliasing actually has very good performance in our game. For high-end graphics cards, its consumption is almost no different from low anti-aliasing. So we recommend players to use the standard anti-aliasing settings for the game. In the meantime, we are continuously working on anti-aliasing performance optimization.

Q4: About in-game experience issues
A: So far, a lot of players made many great suggestions for the game's performance. We are very grateful to players for your support and passion to ROE. We have carefully analyzed your suggestions and will gradually optimize the following, including but not limited to:

(1) In-game UIs
(2) Certain loot model and icons
(3) TPP character animation performance.
We believe that in the near future, ROE will be presented to players in a much better state.

Q5: About the subsequent commercialization of the game
A: ROE is a free game. Recently we have not considered any other commercial content outside the existing DLCs. Optimizing the quality of the game and providing a better service to everyone is our greatest wish.

Q6: About EU services
A: In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was officially launched on May 25, 2018. We need to pass the GDPR review before we can serve users in the European Economic Area (EEA). We have been working very hard to advance the audit and believe that we will bring EU services to players in a very short time (hopefully within one month).

That is all for this issue's Q&A. The ROE development team has always valued the players' feedback and suggestions greatly. We will try our best to optimize the game experience and bring the best product to players. Thank you very much for your support and we hope that players can keep in touch with us through the Steam Community Support sub forum and the official email address: [email protected].

See you soon!