Riot exec talks about the future of Wild Rift while also recognizing RRQ PH, Mika, and Riku

Riot Games' mobile title League of Legends: Wild Rift has been available for a few years and it has remained popular among Filipino gamers. The mobile version of Wild Rift is now also starting to build up its reputation.


Leo Faria, Riot Games' head of global esports, mentioned in an interview that, “Much like League of Legends, with Wild Rift we have made a long-term commitment to the mobile community. We aren’t just doing this because mobile is hot right now or we are taking a short-term opportunity with it."

He followed it with, "We have a very core philosophy at Riot Games which is we are a game company and not just a PC game company, so we’re gonna go with the players are and that’s mobile and we’re committed to bringing great games period. It will be hard but I’m happy to say that all across Riot there is that long-term commitment for mobile moving forward.”


He also recognized the RRQ team stating, "RRQ was also a delight to watch in and out of game. They are such interesting and fun personalities. Helios (Sean Miranda Palisoc) and Marky (Marc Ilagan) are so funny. They have to be so proud of their achievements at Icons 2022.”


Mika "MikaFabs" Fabella and Rikki "Riku" Quiapon were not left unnoticed. According to Faria, “Filipinos produced two great talents in Riku and Mika…or Miku and Rika. Thank you Rafa for confusing all of us. But I think it’s truly awesome that they are part of the global scene. They are both amazing and make any broadcast better."

"We have a very core philosophy in Riot, which is, we are a gaming company, we’re not a PC gaming company. We’re gonna go where our players are. If players are playing games on mobile right now, we’re committed to bringing great games for them. If the platform changes in the future, we’ll go where they are. It will be hard, as it always is. But I’m very happy to see across Riot, a really strong commitment to mobile and to the community and Wild Rift is our biggest expression of that.", Leo Faria stated.

"I think because the game is still relatively new, we need to give communities a little bit more time to stabilize because once that happens, that’s when you start to see names popping up here and there. What matters at the end of the day is giving players the opportunity to play and compete. For Wild Rift, we’d probably focus more on the grassroots and third-party tournaments just because, when you’re not a pro and you aspire to become one, having those easy-to-access opportunities to play in a tournament is what makes the difference. We'll be announcing things in that space really soon. It’s just the beginning (for Wild Rift) and we’re so excited (to see what's next)", he followed.

These statements implicates a wild future for the franchise. As Wild Rift's first esports season comes to a close, Faria emphasizes that there will be more to come, not only in the professional scene, but also in other aspects of esports.