Riot Games 10 Year Anniversary: League of Legends Wild Rift, Arcane Anime, TFT Mobile and more

In the recent event in Singapore, Riot Games 10 year Anniversary. We were lucky enough to get invited and get exclusive information about the plans updates for the League of Legends IP

In the Riot Games 10 Year Anniversary they introduced the League of Legends mobile called Wild Rift, New LoL Animated series called Arcane, Legends of Runeterra Card Game, TFT coming to Mobile, FPS game called Project game, Project L Fighting game and finally 10 year anniversary themed skins and items for League of Legends

here are the details...

League of Legends Wild Rift

The mobile version of League of Legends is called Wild Rift according to Riot Games the game is built from the ground up aside from it being a mobile release the League of Legends Wild Rift will also release on consoles. The game will be released in 2020 while the pre registration will begin today

League of Legends Anime Arcane

Due to the positive response of the fans on the animated trailers of league of legends, Riot Games announced a new animated series called Arcane. This anime will be based on the lore and characters of League of Legends. So expect a new take on the LoL IP and fandom

Legends of Runeterra
Riot Games announced a new card game called Legends of Runeterra, the closed beta is expected to be released announced in 2020
according to riot games the micro transactions will be avoiding random packs on this one

so no loot boxes? will see...

TFT Mobile
After the success of TFT , Team Fight Tactics will be coming to mobile. Riot games announced the game is expected to be released on December while the mobile pre registration for Android will begin on Oct 16

Project A
One Riot games newest project is called Project A and its shooter game, according to riot games the game will be a competitive fps

Project L
Initially talked about during the EVO 2019, another announced project by riot games is called Project L. This is a fighting game based on the League of Legends Universe

League of Legends Updates
Riot Confirmed the new hero Senna, she will be support champion with marksman abilities. League of Legends will also have elemental based mechanic, so depending on what type of enemy you defeat the map will change .

With this new strategies and choke points will be formulated and since its the 10 year anniversary expect skins and items themed with the event



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This is just the early testing phase so don't take these details as the final product but here are the first things I observed.

- You can only buy items at the fountain like the PC version but the whole game is built from scratch

- Dragons have different buffs: Ocean drake grants you the life steal/spell vamp/ Earth provides a shield/etc. I haven't seen air drake yet. Infernal grants additional damage

- Herald/Baron still exists. Baron spawns around 10 mins-ish. Baron provides similar buff with the original PC game.

- Boots is an active item and grants a burst of speed

- Runes are in the game but simplified.Ex. Electrecute/Ferocious/Spirit Guard/ and another one but I can't understand my hand writing due to excitement

- They added new items that aren't from the PC game. Ex. (Harmonious Melody and Vow Protection)

- The game will be on mobile and console - and will be cross-platform

- You still have 2 summoner spells. Nothing new so far.

My thoughts about the game will be shared later but holy shit, it's so fucking cool.

Reminder that this is the test build we played at and therefore things may change at the final product.

- game time is intended to have 15-20 minutes per match

- There are wards in the game yes. You have trinket charges(yellow) and then to activate a ward, you must stand still to trigger certain spots. But apparently the vision system in the build we played at has been changed. We don't know what replaced this one but at least we know there's a ward system!

- Skillshots will seem to have a longer range due to a shorter/smaller map.

- Champion kits from the PC game are carried over to the mobile game BUT some are changed to fit the mobile experience. Ex. Vayne's silver bolts is an active, Ashe ult can be controlled, Orianna's sheild can be aimed to select an allied target,etc

- The plants are back. Honeyfruit are near your towers and Scrying Bloom is near the raptors/blue buff area on each side, I believe. I must've missed the blast cone but for now, I'm not sure if it's there.

- At launch, Riot intends to have 40 champions and slowly add new ones.

- Max level is 15. You get your ult at level 5.

- When you die, it goes to auto-spectate so you don't have to hold your map and control it if you want to watch the action while you're dead. The camera auto-follows as if you're on auto-spectate.

- The runes are interesting as they are more simplified. In the PC, you are only restricted in choosing secondary runes from the main line. In the mobile version, you can mix and match however you want. They do have their own versions of the runes though so maybe that's why the system has more leeway to just pick different combos.

Example: I pick aery but I can pick overgrowth, sudden impact and stopwatch for my set. (This is an EXAMPLE. I don't know the exact names and effects of the runes) I wish I had more time to look into it but this is what I saw at first glance.

- Little tidbit but you have sound cues for every skill that goes off cooldown.Very helpful.

- You can aim your auto attacks by holding your attack button.

- Dragon and Herald spawns at 4:00 mins. Baron at 10:00.

- Map will be mirrored. Terms may shift from "Top/bottom lane" to "Baron/Dragon Lane") for clarity.