Riot Games and Coca-Cola collaborates for the launch of the new Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar

Riot Games, publisher and developer of League of Legends, has collaborated with Coca-Cola to launch the new limited-edition flavor of Coke called Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar. Alongside the release of the new Coke flavor, new League of Legends in-game missions and emotes will be released as well.

lol x coca cola.jpg

Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar is described to “provide fans and players the taste of experience points and celebrate every player’s journey, whether it’s their first time on the Summoner’s Rift or in the finals stage at Worlds in pursuit of the Summoner’s Cup”.

“We’re excited for players to taste the new +XP flavor, a unique and bespoke collaboration with Coca-Cola, a globally recognized brand loved by millions,” said David Mulhall, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Riot Games. “Coca-Cola shares many of the player-focused values we have at Riot, and we are honored to be the first gaming collaboration for Coca-Cola Creations.”

The packaging design of the new Coke flavor has the two brands fused together using black and various shades of gold. The Coca-Cola logo is accompanied by the ‘Ultimate’ crest with a blue Hextech glow. A unique expression of the Spencerian Script font can also be seen in the design, which is an inspiration from the Nexus Crystals in League of Legends.

Along with the release of the new flavor, in-game and digital experiences will be released as well to celebrate the new launch. Complete said missions to unlock limited edition Ultimate emotes. These are:
  • Get 7 assists in a single game to earn the Ultimate Teamplay emote.
  • Earn 12,000 gold in a single game to earn the Ultimate Gains emote.
  • Win a game in under 20 minutes to earn the Ultimate Tempo emote.
Note, the Ultimate emotes can be unlocked until July 18 at 11:59 p.m. PT.