Riot Games and Moonton Lawsuit Settled, IGN vs Stellar Blade, Warzone Mobile Temperature, Valorant Agents in 2XKO, Guild Wars 3, Megan Doll, and more

Guild of Guardians
In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about the Riot Games and Moonton Lawsuit settlement, IGN Article attacking Stellar Blade, Warzone Temperature issues, CDPR Mobile games, Valorant Agents in 2XKO, Monster Hunter Couples, Megan Replica Doll, and Guild Wars 3.


Megan Replica Doll
The life-size replica of M3GAN, a character from the 2023 horror film, has become available for fans to pre-order. This 55-inch tall doll is crafted to be a screen-accurate representation, featuring movable eyes, synthetic hair, and clothing made from film-used patterns. While it's designed to be fully posable, it thankfully doesn't include the sinister features of its on-screen counterpart. Collectors and enthusiasts can expect their orders to ship later this year, as announced by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA).

Guild Wars 3
Guild Wars 3 has indeed been confirmed to be in development by NCSoft, sparking a mix of excitement and concern among fans of the long-standing franchise. The announcement came during an NCSoft shareholder meeting, although details about the game's content or release date remain undisclosed. Meanwhile, Guild Wars 2 continues to thrive with two more expansions planned, one for this year and another for 2025, ensuring that the journey through Tyria remains vibrant and ongoing.

Monster Hunter Couples
Showbiz update, Nanase Nishino and Yuki Yamada are getting married, what are your thoughts? Apparently the two Japanese celebrities worked on some drama and tv shows together. But according to niche gamer the couple became closer through playing Monster Hunter online together. So after that they dated and not getting married. So what's the moral of the story here?

Witcher and Cyberpunk Mobile
The expansion of beloved gaming IPs into the mobile market is a trend that has been growing in recent years. CD Projekt's consideration to license their IPs, such as Cyberpunk and The Witcher, to third-party developers for mobile games could potentially introduce these rich gaming worlds to a broader audience. Mobile games like The Witcher's Gwent and the upcoming augmented reality game show that there's interest in exploring these universes in different formats. Whether fans desire more mobile games depends on the quality and depth of the experience these games can offer. Ultimately, it's about finding the right balance between staying true to the original IP while creating an engaging mobile experience.

Valorant in 2XKO Fighting Game
Do you want Valorant Fighting Game? Apparently there is a possibility according to Anna Donlon, the Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of VALORANT. Because she was asked if there are any plans to add characters from VALORANT to 2XKO. This is what she said “I wouldn’t rule it out, I think we want to see how 2XKO does, I’m really excited to be bringing that game to players”. With that said she also mentioned there is no immediate plans because the Riot fighting game 2XKO isn't even out yet. But what do you think? Do you want a Valorant agents in a Fighting Game?

Warzone Mobile Temperature and Controller Issues
Recently warzone mobile shared on the fixes and what they are working on and it's about what we have already confirmed and know about. So here is the information based on the official twitter, we are not gonna discuss all but here are the highlights. First are the android Optimization some android devices are misconfigured to default to a higher settings, they said they fixed that.

Graphics fidelity is taking longer to load than expected, so their fix is to preload more of the assets before the match starts. Next key point is the device temperature. Apparently the default FPS cap was set to high according to the twitter post which results to thermal issues. They said the fix by changing the default fps however they said they will confiture on adjusting this. Finally is the game difficulty, so according to them the issues is “more real players lead to more difficult games”. So their fix is to adjust and improve matchmaking, Another issue is there are too many mobile players using controller. No fix yet but they will evaluate and probably match players using controllers with other players doing the same. There's more but this are just the highlights

Riot Games and Moonton Lawsuit Settlement
It seems like the dispute with Moonton and Riot Games is over, But before that a quick summary of what happened.

1st Lawsuit, Riot and MOONTON have been in a long-running copyright infringement battle that began in 2017, Basically Riot sued MOONTON in the United States, alleging LoL copyright infringement. The case dismissed as forum non conveniens (the case would be better heard in another jurisdiction, In this case, that would be in China)

2nd Lawsuit, So Tencent, a Chinese company, apparently filed a separate non-disclosure and non-compete lawsuit against the Moonton CEO in this 2018 lawsuit Riot Games’ parent company Tencent Holdings has been awarded 19.4 million Chinese yuan (RMB), or roughly $2.9 million USD. The document doesn’t specify whether the payment was part of a pretrial settlement also the ceo has since left the company. Note that the lawsuit is against the CEO and not on Moonton as a whole

3rd Lawsuit, In May 2022 Riot Games followed another lawsuit alleging that the MLBB copied content and even promotional material from LoL. This lawsuit was dismissed in November of the same year, with the Los Angeles Federal court. Basically same reason as the 1st lawsuit stating that the dispute should be settled in China

Then finally in 2024 Riot Games has formally withdrawn all related lawsuits
here is the press release document that was sent to media outlets. Some say its April Fools but the press was released on April 2 (April's Day Fools is done)
Also, multiple news outlets from different countries are reporting the same information.

The main reason is why the lawsuit was dropped is because Moonton Games and Riot Games had a global settlement. This means if the settlement is about payment Moonton would have paid Riot Games to make them happy

Conspiracy time, A popular conspiracy is that Tencent allegedly managed to acquire Mobile Legends. Remember last time we reported Tencent already managed to acquire two ByteDance game studios, Bytedance is the owner of Moonton who made Mobile legends. So it doesn't make sense for the two companies to fight in a lawsuit anymore, But what do you think?

IGN Attacking Stellar Blade
You really can't spell Ignorant without IGN because they have another shit take. IGN keeps taking an L and just won't admit defeat because we are back on the Stellar Blade saga. So what did they say this time? Basically, IGN France created an article saying that Stellar Blade was from someone who has never seen a woman.

Let us debunk how stupid this is, if the CEO has indeed hasn't seen a woman apparently the Stellar Blade CEO is currently married to Shift Up concept artist Jiyun Chae, clearly a woman? Jiyun Chae is the concept artist behind some of Shift's Up games like Destiny Child, and NIKKE. Do you know Nikke?

The body model for the main character of Stellar Blade Eve is a body scan of real-world South Korean model Shin Jae-eun. Seems like someone is ignoring or just ignoring the facts here of course they got backlash, and guess who they blamed? the readers. So their solution was to gaslight the readers, You know what they said? This last sentence has been slightly edited for French-speaking people pretending not to understand what we meant.

So is it over? Nope … IGN France's Chief editor had a Twitter meltdown claiming the following. Stellar Blade is killing women because they cannot live up to the fictional standards expected by men. So if you see sexy or pretty character you will die? On a side note Stellar Blade will apparently have no microtransactions

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